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ITALIAN HORROR WEEK: FUTURE SPLATTER - The Rise of the Italian Independent Horror Filmmakers PART II

Time for the second installment of our three part series providing an update as to some of the ongoing and recent projects out of Italy or created by Italian filmmakers or in the Italian style. Please read the initial installment HERE. Share this around and help to build an audience for new filmmakers who are truly talented, great friends and who deserve recognition. 

Each year we like to feature a spotlight and update about some of the best independent horror movie makers out there. Some of these names should be familiar to you if you’ve been following along these past two years. Others are brand new to even me. Note that all of the updates on releases is what we could garner from press releases, social media updates and the web. If anyone wishes to send me updates on their projects, new projects or Italian Horror filmmakers for coverage shoot me an email at We’d love to help promote your product. 

Most of the releases that have been coming out of Italy or from Italian Horror filmmakers have been short films, typically in anthology format. This allows for maximum exposure. I urge you to purchase what you can and support these folks when you can.

I also wanted to note that Adam Chaplin, the cult favorite independent horror release from Emanuele De Santi will be covered during IHW by Exploitation Retrospect’s own Dan Taylor. We won’t’ mention it here for that reason. Excited to hear his take on this work as I myself still haven’t had the chance to enjoy it. 



During Italian Horror Week you are going to notice to reviews for Paolo Fazzini (we will link up to those reviews in this article once published). Fazzini has created a work of fiction entitled Mad in Italy which should not be confused with another title in this feature called Made in Italy. He has also created a documentary featuring some of your favorite Italian Horror legends including Ruggero Deodato, Dario Argento, Lamberto Bava and Luigi Cozzi called Hanging Shadows. While both of these releases are somewhat older, he is working on a new documentary about a musical act entitled Che il mio grido giunga a te.

You can order both releases from Amazon.

Check out the full reviews and make sure to support this talent artist.




Roberto and Maurizio Del Piccolo created The Hounds back in 2011 which we reviewed for Italian Horror Week in the past. Their upcoming release Evil Souls looks completely bat shit, sadistic and beautifully shot. I am absolutely excited for this upcoming releases listed in post-production and scheduled to come out in 2014.

Synopsis from Moviedel

A child is born with a prophecy preordained. The guardian of the room unleashes his wrath on those who challenge his will. His evil soul knows no boundary as he ravages his sister in sexual gratification, selling her to the highest bidder. Fate is written, but Valentine has to fulfill his destiny. Kidnapping two girls he is intent upon unleashing hell, until a priest, sensing ancient evil, knows he must find a way to stop it. With subterfuge, hate, denial and lust, the journey to a room of terror has just begun....

Tell me that trailer didn’t get you just a little!

Make sure to like their Facebook page to follow this release. Tons of production stills up now.


Domiziano is a busy guy. We covered his releases of House of Flesh Mannequins, P.O.E. Poetry of Eerie and Museum of Wonders last year for Italian Horror Week. He’s got a host of shorts, contribution to anthologies and a couple other surprises lined up since we last checked in. Let’s run the projects down so you can stay in the know.

Poern – “Poe as it’s never been told before”. That what Cristopharo does. In addition to his original visions of dark fantasy, he is becoming an expert in telling the tales of Edgar Allen Poe in an updated, visually stunning way that is primed for a new generation. In this instance set to some very serious electronic glitch pop.

Each tale will be directed by a different filmmaker

William Wilson of Domitian Cristopharo

Black Cat of Andrea Aste (animation)

Ligeia by Alessandro Basso (made in CGI)

Rue Morgue Yumiko Sakura Itou

Alone by Alessandro Redaelli

The picture stars Robert Gemma… who you absolutely must find stunning. Make sure to like the Poern Facebook page to keep updated.

Phantasmagoria is another anthology project (full details below) with an eclectic, horror theme that seems to tackle your worst nightmare. This promises to be both atmospheric and practical effect driven.

Like this project on Facebook to follow along. It is supposed to release in 2014.

From the Phantasmagoria Facebook page:

3 shocking tales of horror that take you beyond fear.
3 directors, Mickael Abbate (Creeeps!), Domiziano Cristopharo (Red Krokodil, House of Flesh Mannequins) & Tiziano Martella (Special FX of Morituris, Zombie Massacre 1 &2), offer us their original visions of fear in 3 gripping films that encompass the breadth of the genre: Diabolique, Il serpente dalla lingua acciaio and My Gift to You. Three different shorts about spirits belief and supernatural phenomenons able to surprise the audience in showing original, fascinating and scaring stories drawing on the traditional genre flavors of Thriller, Supernatural, Horror-Comedy, Zombie Action and Slasher filtered through the unique sensibility of each director.

It’s also important to note that “My Gift to You” is written by a previous Italian Horror Week filmmaker: RAFFAELE PICCHIO.

Doll Syndrome is the second movie in a series. I used Google Translator for the synopsis/info below taken off the Facebook page. If I wasn’t intrigued before, I am now. Check out this teaser trailer and read the details about the film.

From Cristopharo:

THE ULTIMATE EXTREME MOVIE. THE ENCHANTED ARCHITECT in cooperation with LINCOLN HAWK proudly present a new film by DOMIZIANO Cristopharo

The film written by Andrea Cavaletto, is a drama featuring three characters: the director / actor JUSTIN CELL, the actress of theater AURORA Kostova and YURI ANTONOSANTE; DOLL SYNDROME is the second installment in the trilogy that began with Red Krokodil (purgatory). This is hell ... and in the best tradition taught by Sartre, hell is other people. The plot revolves around a disturbed character, fetish, sex maniac and self-defeating, which remains infatuated by a girl who sees / light bar to pause the job, coming to sublimate his drives and vent to a fetish. But one day a third person takes over this virtual relationship breaking any dis-equilibrium. The film has contributions in stop motion signed by PAUL GAUDIO (REVERIES, POE 1, Bellerophon, BLOODY SIN) and the music is de CHRIST FLUORESCENT and JARMAN, the group to which it belongs as unpublished Alessandro Giordani, editor of many films of Cristopharo (FLESH MANNEQUINS, Bellerophon, BLOODY SIN) and director of the episode in THE SPHINX poe 1.

Follow Doll Syndrome on Facebook.

The Night-Gaunts – “Two Left Arms” – has HP Lovecraft in its origin story, the title taken from a poem and fictional race from the Cthulu Mythos. I am very excited about this particular release, being a Lovecraft nut. This story, Two Left Arms”, is part of an anthology that focuses on adaptations and retelling of his work. The second story is “The Father’s House”. The studio is Elite International. Check out the trailer… Ruggero Deodato inside!

You can like their Facebook page.

From Cristopharo:

Episode 1 - TWO LEFT ARMS, directed by DOMIZIANO CRISTOPHARO (Official Trailer):

PLOT/English: Carter arrive in Italy for restore and old painting hidden into a unholy church. He is discovered to be surrounded by weird people and a mystery maybe related to a lake... a legend says it was created by the impact of a meteorite.

Directed by Domiziano Cristopharo (House of Flesh Mannequins) and written by Andrea Cavaletto (HIDDEN IN THE WOODS) with a great cast: Paolo Stella, Yvonne SciĆ², Frank Laloggia, Ruggero Deodato, Carlo de Mejo, Venantino Venantini.

Shock: My Abstraction of Death is an anthology made up of two pictures. Cristopharo’s tale reminds me of the Yellow Wallpaper.

Make sure to follow this film on Facebook.

From the Shock Facebook page:

"SHOCK my abstraction of death" is an episodic film of 2010, directed by DOMIZIANO Cristopharo and ALESSANDRO REDAELLI, shot between Abruzzo and Lombardy. Will finally see the light in spring 2013


Filmed in the picturesque location of Secinaro and "pagliare" Tione (Abruzzo), the episode of Domitian Cristopharo focuses attention on the contrast between the interior and the physical fragility of an item "reassuring" as the house, which protects us, and that here in the post-earthquake becomes a source of concern.

Cast: Nancy de Lucia, Yuri Antonosante, Claudio Zanelli and the friendly participation of Lucia Batassa and Peppe Laudisa

The episode of Redaelli relies entirely on the relationship between the two main characters of the story, trying to exclude any person outside of them. What is important is their tragedy; the drama of a boy who loses his family suddenly and that of a close friend, who tries in every way to be near him, to make him well and to understand the cause of his horrible visions. Shot in the outskirts of Milan the film is a psychological horror dramatic tones that investigates the psychological and physical frailty of man.

Cast: Max Onorato, Nicholas Pessi.

Plot Outline
EPISODE 1 - chromophobia, D. Cristopharo:

Celeste and her husband rented a convenient home for the holidays.

An earthquake destroyed part of the country, and the house seems to have been recently renovated ... but with much haste.

Damp stains on the walls emerge as the days pass and Celeste, often alone in the house, he begins to see figures inside.

The woman's mind seems to give the madness, even scorned by skeptical and rational husband ... but some mystery really lies between the cracks in the walls and the bathtub: a renewed dossier reveals too many unexplained deaths, occurring within that house.

But Celeste, what do you really see in stains on the walls?

EPISODE 2 - Between Us, by A. Redaelli

Yuri and Max have been friends for a lifetime, usually come in the evening for a walk, and the other between a beer and talk about their everyday problems: the loves, disappointments and family. We are under native, and the two find themselves as usual in the usual for a chat, but it will be the last night that they will pass peacefully together. The next morning Yuri receives a call from the local hospital where he learns that the same night, at the home of Max, has consumed a murder during an attempted robbery. The only survivor is his friend. The boy finds himself in a state of shock, and without a family. Yuri decides to take it home with him, at least for the holidays, but Max begins to have horrible visions.

To Be Completed in Part III... Much more to come!

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