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ITALIAN HORROR WEEK: FUTURE SPLATTER - The Rise of the Italian Independent Horror Filmmakers PART III

This is our third and final installment in the  Rise of the Italian Independent Horror Filmmakers series. I hope it's been educational and turned you on to some great new artists in the world of Italian Horror. Some of these guys have been around for years, but they are coming of age just after the golden age of Italian Horror cinema... in time for a new era in Italian filmmaking that is relevant and stylish and filled with great music and iconic kills. If you have any questions about these filmmakers or projects ask me. I'll always try to help. We will always promote those who need it when it comes to this movement that needs a spotlight.  Also, I think it's important to note that a movie doesn't need to be made in Italy to carry on the Italian tradition or even be made by an Italian fillmmaker. This is a group effort. Everyone succeeds, audiences win and artists win. 

Also, the first two installments are available here:

Each year we like to feature a spotlight and update about some of the best independent horror movie makers out there. Some of these names should be familiar to you if you’ve been following along these past two years. Others are brand new to even me. Note that all of the updates on releases is what we could garner from press releases, social media updates and the web. If anyone wishes to send me updates on their projects, new projects or Italian Horror filmmakers for coverage shoot me an email at We’d love to help promote your product. 

Most of the releases that have been coming out of Italy or from Italian Horror filmmakers have been short films, typically in anthology format. This allows for maximum exposure. I urge you to purchase what you can and support these folks when you can.

I also wanted to note that Adam Chaplin, the cult favorite independent horror release from Emanuele De Santi will be covered during IHW by Exploitation Retrospect’s own Dan Taylor. We won’t’ mention it here for that reason. Excited to hear his take on this work as I myself still haven’t had the chance to enjoy it. 



Tulpa is a project that I had the pleasure of reviewing on the Exorcast podcast this past week for an Italian Horror Special. At the time of writing I haven’t reviewed it formerly, but you can check out the complete Italian Episode from Exorcast that features this movie HERE.   This is a reprisal of the Giallo genre which has seen success with Amer and hopefully Bruno Forzani’s follow up The Strange Color of Your Body’s Tears. Zampaglione has two other works under his belt; both sound fantastic: Shadow and A Dream House Nightmare.


Lisa is a very capable business woman whose life revolves around work and career. At night, however, is an assiduous frequenter of a club by the name cryptically: "Tulpa", an exclusive place where customers give life to their fantastic erotic extremes. Lisa manages to perfectly keep separate these two aspects of their lives, as long as the people he meets regularly at the club suddenly begin to die one after the other


This project was stirring around in 2013, but as of late I haven’t been able to find any updates. It was sort of an amalgamation between web content and movie involving some realistic, mondo-ish type material. While I haven’t had luck in finding out who is behind the project or the status you can check out the Facebook page in case anything pops up and the website to get more involved with the presentation of this cross media movie.

"MADE IN ITALY" trailer ★ RAW, gruesome, snuffy - it's a the Italian films style that we loved in "Gommorah" and other films.

Frightening and unprecedented events happen in Italy. Someone had the courage to show the truth.


VISCERA VISIONS is a studio that appears to be just starting up with a regular lineup of contributors/staff. The director/writer is FEDERICO SCARGIALI. So far I have had the pleasure to enjoy the Zombie! – Murder Mansion music video which is gory good fun. Horror rockers, check it out. This thing just premiered July 2nd on Bloody-Disgusting so are timing is perfect to share it with you.

You can follow Viscera Visions on Facebook (full details below on the production company from their page)

Also you can follow Zombie! (the band from the music video) on Facebook.

Visceravisions is a declaration of love, a possessive, perverted and all-consuming kind of love for latex, the dirt and the blood-stained. It’s the mad doctor lab where alembics and retorts give and take away life. It’s a multiple birth delivery gone bad whose sick offspring at their worst strive to scrape the barrel. Visceravisions traces its ancestry to the monstrous, crude movies VHS players used to spit out, still not irretrievably infected with the Pixel curse. Handcrafted, old-school and genuine. Visceravisions likes to wallow in celluloid offal with the ultimate goal of spreading the word of the Viscera cult in the world.

the CREW


Assistant Director/Writer

Composer & Sound Designer

Special Make-up FX

Special Make-up FX

Production Assistant, Writer

The most ambitious project to date seems to be an Italian anthology picture with a ton of stories, one directed by Federico Scargiali. Check out the list below with details on the music composer Philip Zen, director’s names and stories. If this ambitious project works out, we may have the next crop of independent Italian Horror directors in the list below, covered next time we update you for Italian Horror Week.

Details from Viscera Visions:

17 A MEZZANOTTE is an Italian anthological horror movie in the vein of ABC'S OF DEATH

Original trailer music by Philip Zen 2014

Enjoy the trailer:


Davide Pesca " Peep Show "

Edo Tagliavini " Assefuazione "

Roberto Albanesi and Simone Chiesa " Signori,Buonanotte!"

Alex Visani " Tunnel"

Davide Cancila " Corri,puttana"

Vincenzo Bellini " La mano di Dio"

Daniele Misischia " Il ritorno di Elena"

Stefano Rossi " Finchè morte non ci separi"

Andrea Malkavian " Il gioco"

Federico Scargiali " Through your lips"

Giacomo Gabrielli " Il fiore"

Giorgio Credaro " West 'N' Zombi"

Federico Tadolini " Video Nasty"

Francesco Longo " Venia Mortis"

Paolo del Fio " Tomie Again"

Chiara Moser " Malalaradis"

Davide Scovazzo "Tutto il male del mondo "

Luciano Onetti

Giallo lives! Luciano Onetti has created a movie that was filmed in Argentina, but the script and movie were in Italian. One look at the trailer will let you know that this movie seeks to further the neo-Giallo movement that we've been seeing running through Europe. Are you excited for this release? I am excited for this release. Onetti is definitely furthering the work of the Italian style of filmmaking and putting his own fresh retro spin on his movies. His Ennio Morricone inspired score is genius! 

Sonno Profondo

"Sonno Profondo" is set in the 1970s, so costumes, vehicles, locations and telephones from that time were used. Post-production stage was also very important, since special effects were used to achieve the “seventies” look of the film.

The soundtrack, essential element of the “Giallo” genre, was composed by Luciano Onetti (the Director) true to the style of Ennio Morricone and Goblin, composers of the most renowned films of this genre in the 1970s decade.

After murdering a woman, a killer that is traumatized from his childhood memories, gets a mysterious envelope slipped under his door. The hunter becomes the prey when he finds out that the envelope contains photos that show him killing the young woman.

Official Selections:

Festival Internacional de Cine de Mar del Plata 2013
Mórbido 2013, Mexico
Gérardmer 2014, France
Puerto Rico Horror Film Festival 2013
Horror-On-Sea 2014, United Kingdom
Buenos Aires Rojo Sangre 2013, Argentina
Montevideo Fantástico 2013, Uruguay
Hemoglozine 2013, Spain
HorrorQuest Film Festival 2013, United States
Aurora 2014, Mexico
Cine a la Vista 2014, Argentina
Jerome 2014, United States
Mórbido León 2014, México
Fantastic Zagreb 2014, Croatia
PiFan 2014, Korea
Mendoza Rojo Sangre 2014, Argentina
Full Moon Luna Plina 2014, Romania
Grossmann 2014, Slovenia


WINNER “BEST FILM”, Hemoglozine, Spain
WINNER “BEST FOREIGN FILM”, HorrorQuest Film Festival, United States
WINNER “BEST MUSIC SOUNDTRACK”, Tabloid Witch Awards, Hollywood Investigator, Unites States
WINNER “SPECIAL MENTION”, Buenos Aires Rojo Sangre, Argentina

Sonno Profondo`s Website:

Remember to check out Dan Taylor or Exploitation Retrospect's write up of Adam Chaplin later today. We will be formally reviewing other works from this filmmaker later this year.

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