Thursday, July 17, 2014

ITALIAN HORROR WEEK: How to Sell a Jungle Holocaust to the Americans

CHRIS BENNETT is the man behind Cannibal Reviews. We're talking about reviews for horror fans by a guy who loves horror movies. Chris has cooked up a really special treat for you this time around, sharing press books. These are collectors items that are treasured by Italian Horror fans and, depending on the release, can be moderately difficult to come by.  This particular press book is very fitting since Chris is the founder of Cannibal Reviews. 
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You expect to find cool horror memorabilia at horror conventions...What about a dirt floor fleamarket in nowhere Oklahoma?  That's the last place you'd expect to find a stack of old pressbooks for a famed Italian horror flick.  But that's exactly what I found a few years back.
I wasn't expecting much when I was digging into the dusty stack of overpriced movie posters and advertisements, the stench of old cigarettes and cattle was almost enough to make me give up after the third Marlboro advertisement...That's when I saw it.  What's this!?  Did I really just stumble upon some Jungle Holocaust memorabilia?  This guy had four or five of these booklets, all in decent shape.  I ran up to him and asked if he had any more horror related items, "that's it," he said.  I attempted to haggle on the price in hopes that I could take home all of them at a decent rate, but unfortunately he wouldn't budge.  I left the flea market fifteen bucks poorer, but I had a pressbook from Ruggero Deodato's first cannibal outing, so in many ways I felt pretty damn wealthy.

My contribution to Doc Terror's third annual Italian Horror Week?  A look at how the US distributor United Producers Organization marketed an Italian cannibal film to a US audience.  Enjoy!

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