Wednesday, July 16, 2014

ITALIAN HORROR WEEK: Regina dei Cannibali End Titles Video Drops from VIDEOGRAM!

Early this week we helped spread the word for the release of Videogram's first album. It is receiving tremendous critical acclaim from all the right folks including yours truly. Today marks a totally cool day for Videogram, releasing their first video off the album. It's for the song "Regina dei Cannibali End Title" a tribute to the soundtracks of Italian Cannibal movies of the 70's and 80's and the video characterizes that perfectly featuring early 80's Italian Cannibal obscurity.

Before I go on, take a watch. Do you know what movie the clips are from? I can tell you that although I did a research project featuring all the cannibal movies I could find I never came across this one. It's perfectly cheese, excellent B,schlock, religious, exploitation... if such a thing can be comfortably imagined.

Here's the video:

The scenes are taken from Adam and Even from 1983 which is a cannibal movie, that looks like a Raquel Welch Prehistory flick out of Hammer with... ready for it?....  A RELIGIOUS MESSAGE! Having not seen the movie in its entirety I cannot speak to the preachy nature of the film, but there's a couple o' hotties with no clothes on fighting and fearing strange monstrous folks with cool masks and plenty of GORE!

From IMDB:

God casts Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden because Eve decided to have a fling with a visiting Cro-Magnon named Bearkiller. The disgraced couple find themselves on the outside up against an assortment of various dinosaurs, flying monsters and cannibals.


Now you have to share and enjoy the Videogram video, and pick up the full release (or perhaps YouTube it).  Also make sure to read our full review of the Videogram album and purchase a copy on bandcamp!

Make sure to purchase the Videogram album now on Bandcamp. Hopefully, with sufficient interest, a physical release will arrive soon.

You can also explore Call Me Greenhorn here as well as on Facebook and my write up.

Tapeheads, tapesluts, videovores, collectors, hoarders… you have found the soundtrack to your next VHS alphabetizing party. 

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  1. I had the privilege of a free copy given to me to see what I thought about it, which I took as a complete honor as well as a compliment. Let me tell you, I put on my headphones, sat outside with a nice cup of hot tea and a smoke, and closed my eyes to take it all in. As i sat there taking in the sounds it felt as if I was watching the greatest Italian exploitation film ever, but this film has no words, it didn't need them, just the score that said it all. It took me through each stage we travel through while watching these subgenre of films; introduction, discovery, impending doom, action, the light at the end of the tunnel, death, despair, excitement. It was truly an amazing auditory experience. If you are a fan of Italian horror/giallo, this is an experience you would want to witness again and again. Big thanks to Magnus for giving me the privilege of reviewing your first album. I look forward to seeing what's next for you! Great job brother!