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First off Maestro Mania results... The winners are official. We have crowned a J and B Scotch Champion for Maestro Mania Are you curious who it might be? The battle was between Fabio Frizzi and Ennio Morricone, two of the premiere composers in Italian Horror and both equally worthy to win the day. In a runner up battle we featured the late great Riz Ortolani battling Marcello Giombini. 

The fight for the third place position between Ortolani and Giombini is a match no one could have predicted. Ortolani has extensive reach and repertoire while Giombini relies on a few massively popular hits to carry him through. Giombini was nearly in the championship bought but was knocked out by one vote only! The end result will not shock you in that Riz Ortolani has won the day. He handily defeated Giombini with an overwhelming majority of votes. His Cannibal Holocaust suite is considered by many to be one of the greatest Italian Horror compositions ever recorded or to back a movie with its ironic, sweet tone carefully placed in juxtaposition to the all out brutality of Holocaust.

Frizzi's Zombie score is a classic, iconic piece of Italian composed music while Morricone's The Thing score is haunting, memorable and shows Morricone's reach around the globe (even if the score has a slight air of controversy surrounding it).  The final bout was once hypothesized to only exist between Ennio and Goblin. Ennio vs. Frizzi was a hard fought battle but was decisively won by FABIO FRIZZI! This is considered a minor upset given the extensive catalog and reach of Morricone, however an overwhelming number of you voted for Frizzi. It is a well deserved title. Frizzi's music overall is tremendous having scored some of the greatest movies in Italian Horror history including The Beyond, City of the Living Dead and the winner today, Zombie.



Thank you to all who voted in this tournament of champions. Participation was fantastic throughout the entirety of Maestro Mania. Given the success of this event we will most likely do another competition next year... stay tuned in the months leading up to July when we reveal the next tournament of champions. It will be a battle to be voted on and a battle that will earn you entry into a giveaway. 

Now on to Italian Horror Week...

This has been our most successful Italian Horror Week ever. During this week we often see readership spike to amazing levels. We over doubled our normal readership. We had an unprecedented giveaway turn out and we will definitely be doing something similar next year (I already have ideas about how we're going to get your ghost). The winners have been notified on all giveaways save for the Little Punk People giveaway that I strongly encourage you to enter. Plenty of time (expires tomorrow). You can check your email or Facebook messages to see if you were in fact a winner. Thank you especially to Thomas Bryce of Shit Movie Fest for sponsoring the Goblin Vinyl giveaway. Ahhhh Art! also contributed the Suspiria poster for giveaway and we thank you for their continuing support. We thank Synapse Films for their contribution to the week with their fantastic co-sponsored giveaway of Demons and Demons 2. You can still pick them up but they're going fast.  Thanks to Rotten Cotton and Grindhouse Releasing for putting out some killer Cannibal Holocaust products. We enjoyed giving them away this week, and the response was intense.

The response to the Giallo Playset assures a similar giveaway next year though the details will have to be worked out. This item will be on its way to Germany next week. I don't think I ever thought it would make it that far, but Doc Terror knows no bounds. 

This week saw some new writers hitting our pages with the Horror Sci-Fi and More team Bucky an Mozz creating massive tributes and reviews to some fantastic pieces of Italian Horror. Thank you both for your extended contribution to the cause. Great thanks to Morgue Asylum, Beyond HD, Profondo Rosso and other Facebook contributors who shared with great fervor our love for Italian Horror by doing viewings, sharing images and creating beautiful homages to some of the greatest and the goriest. Beyond HD's Italian Horror trading cards were very successful.

Thank you to Jeff Konopka and Jesse Bartel for contributing to Italian Horror Week via Dead Air Podcast. Our discussion of The Beyond, Videogram and other features was tremendously fun. Also thanks to Shawn Savage of the Liberal Dead and Dead Air crew for letting us be a part of this cherry popping experience as respects the movie Pieces. That's like Italian Horror Porn right there.

And on the subject of Videogram... I wish to thank Magnus Sellergren, the man beyond the monster synth, for creating such a fitting tribute to the movies we love, for sharing it with our readers and for creating something so special for IHW. Though we know you are a talented man, we are in awe of your creation as we hope the rest of the world will be soon. We hope to see a physical release soon and will share and support that release. Thank you for supporting IHW with every ounce of your being. 

I love the "battle" of view points from Chuck Francesco and Thomas Kingsmill regarding Cemetery Man. We also thank Chuck for making available the Italian Splatterfest tickets and for being a great friend. Full recap of the Splattefest will come in early September. Get your tickets now! I also love that we were able to provide a opposing opinions about Argento's films from Eric Polk and the comments that followed as well as those spurned by the review of The Argento Syndrome from David Botelho. Eric Polk also dedicated an entire Dollar Bin Horror Radio podcast to our week. Thank and thanks for playing the bumper/advert we created. Freddie Young added to the discussion of Argento's work with his detailed look at Tenebre/Tenebrae. His work is perfectly organized and great for creating fans. Also thanks to Ryne Barber for contributing his first experience with Suspiria. These are my favorite pieces every year; your first time with Italian Horror. That was my first contribution to an Italian Horror Week. A great story!

Thanks to Spanish Fear and Elena Anele for her contribution to Italian Horror Week concerning the Argento Torino tour and the Horror Rises from Spain podcast. This is the first time I've spoken to anyone from Spain or internationally for that matter and it was a great treat. Elena is doing great work with Spanish Fear. She is helping to promote the best horror from Europe and beyond. Please support her noble causes and listen in. Her casts are super fun.

Also thanks to Exorcast for allowing me to come on and join your Italian Horror Week discussions. We talked about Tulpa, Perfume of the Woman in Black and Shock among other beautiful debauches. Your podcast is a favorite of mine and your friendship has been amazing. I can't wait to do another appearance or perhaps a crossover Dead Air/Exorcast double feature!

Seth Poulin excited people with his Lamberto Bava piece this week stirring up a massive fan response from praise to critical analysis. I adore this discussion. This is what the week is all about. Also thanks to Eric Martin for discussing two important cannibal features, Cannibal Holocaust and Jungle Holocaust. We will tip our glasses of suds to you my friend. Drink em if you got em!

Thanks to David Zuzelo and Dan Taylor of Tomb It May Concern and Exploitation Restrospect respectively. I love that we have the two binerdual horror dad's contributing. Putting them together on the same day is not accident. Their works is impeccable and publications demand attention. I sincerely love reading their work and heed their advice. You should too. 

Much thanks to Christine Hadden for her Wordless Wednesday contribution. We should continue this next year. Everyone enjoyed the images you chose and it inspired exploration of Don't Torture a Duckling, an important Lucio Fulci film that seems to get less notice than say... Zombie. Your work on Fascination With Fear is always enjoyed and appreciated. 

Master Gio's Beyond the Darkness review and discussion seemed to spur some exceptionally positive emotional responses. We hope that there are new fans of this movie going forward. Make sure to get it out and its ever so powerful Goblin score. Thank you for this enlightening piece. Speaking of soundtracks, thank you to Critical Outcast's Chris Beaumont for his awesome share about Italian Horror scores. This tied into Maestro Mania well and provided a great avenue for folks to get into new music. 

Dakota Madrox Drobnicki shared a marvelous interview with the underappreciated Al Festa. I urge you to seek out this article and Festa's movies as well as his musical compositions. Become a fan. There is a great wealth of horror here. Drobnicki himself is a resource like no other from his beautiful design work to his impeccable knowledge of Italian Horror obscure and popular. He has always been a fantastic friend. Also thank to Chris Beaumont who shared his press book of a Deodato classic. I have never seen an item like this and am jealous to the gills. 

Jon Wamsley's look into scenic Metool from Zombie was a real treat. Thank you for sharing your work with us. We send Metool greetings right back. The boat... can leave now. 

Elizabeth Katheryn Gray, thanks for taking another look at Deep Red and sharing your love of Goblin with us. Seeing Goblin was one of the most important experience of my life. It was great to read your experience with the passion you convey. We'll see you soon for the HALLOWEEN HORROR MOVIE MARATHON MADNESS This October!

The Son of Celluloid's art project created some amazing buzz. This surely must become a regular feature of Italian Horror Week. Perhaps we should tie this into a contest next year? 

Our 8 Bits from Hell, Lucio Fulci Feature created some amazing traffic. We appreciate everyone who shared the YouTube link and the detailed description on DOCTERROR.COM. The Hacktivision team thanks you kindly and we hope to be back producing something insanely unattainable for the next Italian Horror Week in 2015. Much thanks to FearNet and Dread Central for getting the word out. Your support and continued enthusiasm for this project humbles us greatly. Special thanks to Sean and Frank for creating works of outstanding art which has given happiness to literally thousands of people.

Most of all... I want to thank the Italian Horror Independent filmmakers mentioned through the week and those not mentioned. You are creating the next generation of horror classics right now! Keep up the great work. We will always feature your work during Italian Horror Week and next year we have some fantastic articles and reviews already planned. Quite a few productions were not complete at the time of writing or just beginning. Like agriculture, that means next year we will have a fertile crop from which to share. We will continue to share your updates throughout the year. 

Below is a complete list of articles posted during Italian Horror Week. Tune in next July for guest contributors, articles, giveaways and strange creative projects that will make your Edwige go Fenech! Thank you for sharing this experience with us. 


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