Monday, July 21, 2014

NEW RELEASE UPDATE: BABY BLUES - Coming Sept 2nd to Blu-ray and DVD.

This past year or so has seen a significant rise in baby related horror. What does that mean? Sure zombies are still big biz and vamps sell sex, but is the aftermath of the downfall of an oversexed, exhausted, in need of Viagra generation prompting the next logical step post-downfall of the vamp? First we sold you sex. Now we sell you conception and then 9 MONTHS LATER... BIRTH! Woe to sleep. Woe to independence. Woe to your check book and your movie collections.

Baby Blues feels like it could easily build off the success of House in the Alley as recently released by Scream Factory. The only difference... a doll and twins. Check out this trailer and prepare for a movie that won't be nearly as funny as Bad Milo, but you tell me if the captioned poster doesn't make you curious.


Directed by Po-Chih Leong
and Starring Raymond Lam & Janelle Sing


The Terror Mounts on Blu-ray, DVD & Digital Sept. 2

PLANO, Texas. (July 21, 2014) – When a young couple moves into a new home, they find a mysterious doll that changes their lives forever in the horror thriller BABY BLUES, debuting on Blu-ray™, DVD and Digital Sept. 2 from Well Go USA Entertainment. Po-Chih Leong (Hong Kong 1941) directed this terrifying story of a woman (newcomer Janelle Sing), pregnant with twins, who has a miscarriage and gives birth to only one child. Suffering from postpartum depression, her husband (Raymond Lam, Saving General Yang) seeks help and discovers a mysterious doll that may be the source of their problems. BABY BLUES also stars Kate Tsui (Eye in the Sky), Karena Ng (Magic to Win) and Hoi- Pang Lo (The Grandmaster).


A new home brings a fresh start for Hao (Raymond Lam) and Tian Qing (Sing Kwan Janelle), a happily married couple who soon discover she's pregnant with twin boys. But when a difficult delivery leaves the couple with only one son alive, Tian is consumed with grief and postpartum depression. These “Baby Blues” weave an obsessive attachment to a baby doll, presumably abandoned by the previous owner. Before long, mysterious accidents grow into violent episodes that threaten the entire family - and one neighbor's warnings about a curse on their home becomes terrifyingly real...

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