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I'm a trailer reel junkie. I collect them. I can't help it. I know that I probably own most of the trailers on any given tape or DVD or Blu-ray but dammit what if there's a hidden gem on one? Consider me very excited about the new Intervision upcoming DVD release of Grindhouse Trailer Classics Volume 1 (which means we get at least a volume 2!). Intervision puts out perfectly brilliant sleaze and exploitation DVD releases on a good day so this is probably going to be packed with the same. 

With a title like this is best to keep a list and try to check out all the movies that interest you or throw it on in the background of your filthy, smutty booze party.

Full release from Intervision.

Grindhouse Trailer Classics Volume 1
Label: Intervision Picture Corp
Run Time: 130 Minutes Language: English Color
Widescreen 1.85:1 Dolby Digital 2.0
Production Year: 2013 Genre: Cult MPAA Rating: NR
Directed by: Various
Stars: Various

GRINDHOUSE cinemas could once be found in the sleaziest and run-down areas of America's grimiest cities. New York's 42nd Street was one of the most famous trash pit hangouts for denizens of the lower depths. From dusk 'till dawn the theatres would screen a mind-boggling assortment of movies featuring lashings of sex, gore and violence - and if you were lucky, you'd get all three! SEE for the first time ever on DVD in America you can now sit back and take a twisted trip back to the glory days of the sleazy 60s and 70s for a roaring rampage through a two-hour hand-picked collection of some of the most insane examples of trailer trash ever to slash and burn their way through a Grindhouse cinema projector.

MARVEL at the fact that most of the actual films themselves could never live up to the jaw dropping lunacy of these incredible trailers, some of which can today be considered true masterpieces in advertising and marketing. With their often hilarious voice-overs and mind-bending taglines, plus all the best bits from the movies themselves, they add up to one thing - sheer entertainment! BE AMAZED that Contemporary Directors such as Quentin Tarantino (GRINDHOUSE), Eli Roth (HOSTEL) and Rob Zombie (THE DEVIL'S REJECTS) have all since revisited these movies and have made their own supercharged movies relying heavily on the essence of many of these seventies Grindhouse cinema classics. Tarantino in particular has drawn a huge amount of his inspiration from these movies and trailers in many of his films, so we've included some of his favorites here - see if you can spot them!

THRILL to the fact that many of the then unknown actors and filmmakers from these choice cuts went on to much bigger and better things, so it's no surprise that these fantastic flicks have since achieved cult status, making GRINDHOUSE TRAILER CLASSICS a must-own DVD that's ideal for parties in your very own private Grindhouse...

Special Features:
Bump 'N' Grind
Grindhouse Poster Gallery

Also releasing from Severin Films is The Wild Geese. I've been realizing that some of the best gore picture aren't horror movies at all. The Wild Geese is a flick that had caught my eye earlier this year during an Arrow Video scavenger hunt. Now it's coming to DVD from Severin. 

Full release notes:

The Wild Geese
Run Time: 129 Minutes Language: English Color
Widescreen 1.85:1 Dolby Digital 2.0
Production Year: 1978 Genre: Action MPAA Rating: NR
Directed by: Andrew V. McLaglen
Stars: Richard Burton, Roger Moore and Richard Harris

Screen legends Richard Burton, Roger Moore and Richard Harris star as a team of aging mercenaries hired by a wealthy industrialist for one final mission: Recruit and train a squad of desperate commandos, parachute into an unstable African nation, snatch its deposed President from a maximum security army prison, escape via the military- controlled airport, and massacre anyone who gets in their way. Getting to the target will be murder. But when the group is double-crossed, getting out alive may be impossible. Hardy Kruger (A BRIDGE TOO FAR), Frank Finlay ( THE THREE MUSKETEERS), Barry Foster (FRENZY ) and Stewart Granger (KING SOLOMON'S MINES) co-star in this blood & guts action classic, now packed with all-new Bonus Features!

Special Features:
The Wild Geese Director - Exclusive New Interview with Director Andrew V. McLaglen
-The Mercenary - Exclusive New Interview with Military Advisor Mike Hoare
-The Last of The Gentleman Producers Documentary on Producer Euan Lloyd featuring Lloyd, Roger Moore, Joan Armatrading, Ingrid Pitt & more
-Audio Commentary with Producer Euan Lloyd, star Roger Moore, Second Unit Director John Glen. Moderated by Filmmaker Jonathan Sothcott
-The Flight of The Wild Geese -Vintage Featurette
-The Wild Geese Royal Charity Premiere Newsreel
-Theatrical Trailer

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