Wednesday, July 23, 2014

NEW RELEASE UPDATE: Prince Of The Night Streets September 9th

I thought this was worth mentioning givent he recent surge in interest in Klaus Kinski pictures after the Scream Factory releases of Crawlspace and Nosferatu. Prince of the Night is hitting this September from One 7 Movies. I haven't had the chance to enjoy it yet, but hopefully we will have a review up around the street date. I think the most important thing to note beyond Kinski's involvment is the presence of Christoper Plummer and Donald Pleasence, two of my favorites who are sure to give great performances even in the schlockiest of vamp flicks.

I suppose the concept was a resprisal of his role from the Herzog film, but Kinski refused to cut his long locks (and then proceeded to get violent with some of the actresses). I'm simply paraphrasing form IMDB here, but I'd believe it if Kinski's legendary bad behaviour is to be believed (and it is).

The other title for this film is Vampire in Venice. I gotta check this out.

From One 7 Movies.

Prince Of The Night
Label: One 7 Movies
Prebook: 08/12/2014 Streets: 09/09/2014
SRP: 19.95 UPC: 812592015238 Cat: 17M023
Not Rated Run Time: 93 Minutes
In Italian and English Color Widescreen 1.77:1
Dolby Digital Mono Region 0
Production year: 1988
Director: Augusto Caminito
Stars: Klaus Kinski, Christopher Plummer, Donald Pleasence, Barbara De Rossi, Yorgo Voyagis

Helietta Canins (Barbara De Rossi) requests the help and knowledge of professor Paris Catalano (Christopher Plummer) to help her to get rid of all the rumors still surrounding her luxurious venetian mansion. According to the legend, Helietta's grandmother has been abducted by the mighty Nosferatu himself (Klaus Kinski). But when Professor Catalano discovers in the basement of Helietta's palazzo the vampire's crypt, he realizes that there could be some terrible truth to all rumors about the existence of an unholy undead in Venice.

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