Tuesday, July 29, 2014

NEW RELEASE UPDATE: Revelation Trailer on DVD August 26th

Looks like the Zombies Go West! I find the Western Horror subgenre to be a mixed bag but add to that using zombies as your antagonist, and I fear for the fan boy back lash. Did anyone bring troll repellent. Still, it's this kind of cross pollination between concepts and subgenres that occassionally bring much fruit. The minute I typed the zed word, I can already feel the tight oppressive fist of the internet raining down hatred and intolerance upon our undead brethern. Let's be positive even if the poster art doesn't making the zombies look at all flattering.

This is John Gibson's first horror, directorial outing. Let's wish him well, and see what happens on August 26th. For a first release, this thing has a nice extras package

Full release below:

on DVD from Entertainment One on August 26th
In the late nineteenth-century, a holy man known only as the Preacher (Daniel Van Thomas) confronts unspeakable evil as a gruesome power consumes the frontier. Standing between ruin and salvation, he joins forces with the town Marshal (Daniel Britt), a man with his own set of demons, in a savage fight against the undead.

Commentary with Daniel Van Thomas, Daniel Britt and Director John Gibson
Life on the Trail: The Story of the Film
Four Behind-the-Scenes and On Location Featurettes
"My Beloved" Revelation Trail Music Video by Angry Johnny and the Killbillies
Revelation Fail: Bloopers & Outtakes

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  1. Dr. Jimmy: Thanks for the write up, and the well wishes! With regards to the extras, we're big film fans, and so anything we could do to make this a better experience for a viewer, that's what we were aiming for. Plus, there's so much that goes into a film that is not seen on the screen, and we really hope these features help tell that story.

    Hope you enjoy the film when you have a chance to see it!

    -John G (Director)