Friday, July 25, 2014


Of all the toys and fanfare that accompany the extravagant and wilely event known as San Diego Comic Con, I have held my breath for one announcement. One discussion. Ten titles have been announced by Scream Factory at their panel this evening. Without further adieu...


The Dark Half  
The George Romero classic gets to go to the Blu parade. Let's hope that Scream Factory can bring us more Stephen King horror in the coming year. 

Monkey Shines 
This fits in with our recent apesploitation cycle on Dead Air. Excellent release and perfect for Scream Factory. Saw this at Exhumed Films Horrorthon this past year. Another George Romero classic that needs the breath of Factory air into its lungs.

Candyman 2 
I didn't hate this one, but it wasn't my favorite during the retrospective series we did on Dead Air. There's certainly good reason to see this entry released on Blu, but the original is owned elsewhere and there's been no word on the release as of yet.

Awesome release. Glad to see it come to Blu via SF. It's been quite some time since I've watched it, so this will be a real treat.

Phantom of the Opera (1988) 
I remember not liking this one... let's see if that holds water. I haven't seen it since the 90's. I remember being very excited for its release as a kid and then it felt like Freddy Kruger of the Opera. At least that's what the posters looked like.

New Year's Evil 
Fucking legendary. We did an 8 Bit lite version of this with Hacktvision. Some great music. This is a well deserved release on Blu and is perfectly fitting Scream Factory's attention to getting out the slasher classics of the early 80's. 

Invaders from Mars 
Tobe Hooper classic remake that is more fun than 90% of all alien related films while still be terrifying. Love love love this release. One of my childhood favorites! If you haven't seen this one start preparing now.

Dolls CE 
ABOUT TIME! THIS IS THE BEST NEWS OF THE NIGHT I am terrified of this movie (EKG take note)

Mad Max CE 
Just in time for Hudson Horror Show TOO.  Good release and unexpected. 

Escape From New York CE
This is a fan disc to be sure. When Scream Factory does Carpenter we all get a treat. Perhaps this means I should go through with my Plisskin costume for Halloween this year.

OH and Shout! announced UHF which couldn't be better timed given the  recent rise of Weird Al which is so well deserved. Very happy to see this classic comedy movie get the Blu treatment in good hands.

Which makes you most excited? What movie did you think they would announce? Sound off! Scream factory actually listens to their fans.

Any one pick up any Scream Factory goodies from their table at SDCC? Buttons, coasters, awesome red t-shirt? Still plenty of time!

The Summer of Fear releases from Scream Factory have a month left to go before the big show. The Complete Halloween Collection in Septemeber and Night Breed in October among a pile of other goodies. It's been a great year. Much more to come!

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