Friday, July 25, 2014

NEW RELEASE UPDATE: Vinegar Syndrome Upcoming Teaser Announcement

A few days ago we posted about the September release of Graduation Day from one of my favorite labels, Vinegar Syndrome. They're about to unleash some truly excellent horror on cult and B movie fans in addition to their adult fare which has been educational and stimulating to say the least.

We will have reviews of Erotic Adventures of Candy, Candy Goes to Hollywood, All Night Long  and Tapestry of Passion up this weekend. These are beautiful, funny, gold age of porn era titles on Peekarama double features.

The most recent announcement from Vinegar Synderome is below and also teases at two tother releases includinga  Peekarama TRIPLE Feature and a Nazisploitation flick, Prison of Paradise. Other releases will include a sexploitation flick from Chris Tobalina, a film from Chris Warfield and a double feature of BIG FOOT movies! These are good times to be a collector.

Full release from VS:

Upcoming Releases!

As Summer nears its halfway point, we're already gearing up for Fall, with a pretty stellar lineup of horror and sleaze! As most of you probably know, in September we're releasing the much loved high school slasher GRADUATION DAY newly restored in 4k on blu-ray for the first time anywhere in the world. Extras include cast and crew interviews as well as a commentary tracks with the producer and The Hysteria Continues. It's up for pre-order on our website, Amazon and pretty much everywhere else.

September also promises some quality Nazisploitation from Bob Chinn, in the form of his 1980 classic, PRISONER OF PARADISE. Also look out for more sexploitation from Carlos Tobalina and a rare Peekarama Triple Feature highlighting three rarities from one of our favorite X rated auteurs, Anthony Spinelli: CRY FOR CINDY, TOUCH ME & ACT OF CONFESSION!

In the meantime, this August we're bringing you a ton of obscure sleaze from Bob Chinn, Carlos Tobalina, Chris Warfield and a ridiculous double feature of Bigfoot movies.


Vinegar Syndrome has new website enhancements to let you know about:

Refreshed Website!

Our website has been upgraded w/ lots of new features!

1. We now offer actual pre-orders. We do not charge upfront for pre-orders anymore. As soon as we receive product from manufacturing (usually one or two weeks prior to street date), you will be notified via email with instructions on how to complete your order via PayPal.

2. Starting with our August & September releases, you can now purchase 'monthly packages' and save an additional 10%.

3. Added automatic notifications for out-of-stock items.

4. Shipment tracking information will now be included on all 'order completed' emails and in your account 'dashboard'.

Much more is in the works, including a very cool feature called VS Direct. Stay tuned for more info.

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