Tuesday, July 29, 2014

NEWS: SDCC Michael Myers Slide Celebrates Upcoming Joint Anchor Bay/Scream Factory Release

San Diego Comic Con must have been a scary place this past weekend with Michael Myers on the prowl and not just one... multiples. Dancing. Sliding to be specific. Check out the video to this strange occurence that consides with the joint Anchor Bay/Scream Factory promotion of the Complete Collection Blu-ray set of Halloween.

Full release from Anchor Bay/Scream Factory:
Courtesy of Bloody Disgusting
 Comic Con 2014 is now officially in the history books, but before we say goodbye -- and start preparing for next year's show -- please check out the video links below.

Apparently, it took more than one Michael Myers to help spread the word regarding September 23rd's HALLOWEEN Complete Collection Blu-ray set at the show and once they got together...well, have a look. Please share with your readers, listeners, audiences, friends...and fellow Halloween fans!

Follow the links to view the SLIDE That Came HOME!

The Michael Myers Slide: or (for mobile devices).


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