Thursday, July 31, 2014

NEWS: Vote for Digital Tyrants' New Horror/Comedy Design

Fans of comedic horror art... my buddy over at Digital Tyrants (home of the Blog of the Binary God) is in the process of creating some truly clever and well crafted pieces of horror artwork that should make you laugh or make you cheer. Digital Tyrant is reaching out to horror fans and asking them to vote on the next design in the series.prints

These designs will be on sale. We'll keep you updated when the entire series is prepped and ready. Support artists.

From Digital Tyrant:

Hey guys and gals,

I just finished illustration #2 in my horror/comedy series: Ash from Evil Dead/Army of Darkness. (Please rate it a “5″ at Threadless by clicking here. You can also buy a high quality print on a metal plate by clicking here.) I thought it would be fun to give the fans a say in which one I illustrate next. From now until August 15th, you can vote for your favorite horror/comedy by voting in my poll, posted at the end of this post.

I want the final series to be about 9-10 pieces, and I’m only done with two. If your favorite doesn’t win this time, I’m probably going to have a few more of these polls, depending on how this one goes. In the meantime, you can pick up my first design on a tee shirt here, a phone casehere, or as a high quality print on metal, here. You can also click on the image.

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