Tuesday, July 29, 2014

PRODUCTION UPDATE: ROB ZOMBIE'S 31 Website to Launch July 31st

I know that you've seen the recent concept art designs to come out of the Rob Zombie camp as respects the release of 31 currently in production/pre-production. No, it's not Spalding. It's something different, Rob assures us. Of this I have no doubt. Yeah, the guy in the captioned picture maybe wearing clown makeup, but I also know, as a lifelong White Zombie, that Rob is a fan of the grease paint. Not all clowns are Captain Spalding fellas.

He's also a fan of guys in skeleton costumes. Yes they look like Cobra Kai students from the original Karate Kid, but they're also kinda creepy.
In addition, we love the censored, topless art with a juggernaut, made-up monster or madman in the chase.
I can't wait to see what the new website might reveal about the upcoming release and the only moment of upset or sadness that I feel toward it is know that we have a long road to actually getting a movie to view or a screening outside of a festival. Keep the horror coming, Rob even though you almost made me a Flyers fan with your hockey project. 
Stay Tuned. July 31st is coming soon.

Note: I can't help but get confused/curious as to why the 31 has to look like 3I. Just a font thing? Any significance. Every time I type it I feel like I'm doing it wrong.

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