Tuesday, July 29, 2014

REVIEW: Alpha Blue's Ed Wood DVD's From Necromania to Nympho Cycler

As a fan of Ed Wood's early work, his Science Fiction and gender bending creations, I like to check out whatever I can get my hands on. I consider him a bit of a hero. Maybe some of that is driven home even more by Tim Burton's movie about Ed Wood's life that's filled with fantastic one liners and heroic tales of an independent filmmaker trying to make the movies  he loves. Of course if you've seen the movie then you've read the Afterward in the credits that states that he went on to shoot a different style of movie. Adult features. Porn. Lots of porn. We're here to briefly discuss Ed Wood's adult movies as released by Alpha Blue. 

also included Scent of Love, Hedonist Hypnotist, Love Making USA (a rare clip) - the lost movies of Casey Larrain.

also included Ward Sex, The Young Model, The Sex Spa - the lost movies of Suzanne Fields

also included Kiss My Analyst, Analyze Your Sex, The Adventures of Flash Beaver - the lost movies of Maria Arnold

also included Pleasure Between Heaven and Hell, Oakie Maid and For the Love of Money - the lost movies of Alice Friedland

These are the titles I watched along with the other films included on each disc. Here's the deal. Each of these movies features nearly identical shooting styles that feature stag films rather than quality adult features with exceptional dialogue, plots and stars. The women are beyond gorgeous with perfect 70's breasts and bush. The men are disgusting horrid rejects that might have been extras in the movie Animal House rather than build to play the pokey game on film. You'd think that that would matter to a guy who digs chicks. Well it friggin matters. When the movie focuses on Ed Wood in drag stripping and trying to fuck a hottie, overweight and strange, well it's impossible to even conceive of an erection much less feel turned on. Once I realized that I was deal with this same basic formula for each movie I knew this would be an effort in tedious porn watching. Unentertaining. Focus on the boobs I said in my mind... I couldn't. Too many strange men crowding up the screen providing lame shtups, blocking the camera with hairy balls and framed identically. No variation. 

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Best part about the releases are the covers of Nympho Caller and Necromania. Beautiful woman with perfect exploitation sensibilities. Nothing in between the those covers really stands out mind you save for a strange coffin sex scene during Necromania but it's not arousing. Just unique. The opening to Nympho Cycler is pretty hot until it just turns into a variation on the rest of the sex scenes you've seen before, that stag underproduced, underscripted, no style flick. 

These collections are perfect for Stag and Blue movie fans as well as Ed Wood completist, but I assure you that it's very difficult to consider these good spank discs. Still... there's a ton of content on these things, and if you are into this Ed Wood era you're in for a treat. Just not my cup of tea.

You've been warned. You can pick up these four discs (links are above).

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