Thursday, July 24, 2014

REVIEW: FLATLINERS (Mill Creak Blu-ray)

I was ten years old in 1990, and that's when Flatliners came out in the theater, shortly thereafter making its way to pay cable. I taped it off TV during a free preview week, and became a fan. I loved Keifer Sutherland post-Lost Boys. This was my first experience with a Baldwin brother and probably my third experience with Kevin Bacon after Friday the 13th and Animal House. I wonder if I would know who Oliver Platt is today if it wasn't for Flatliners, and I love Oliver Platt.  Most of all, this movie is haunting. It's a complete dark picture that poses excellent questions about the afterlife while still having fun and being a work of pure horror. I can't tell you just how bad I wanted to go to med school after watching Flatliners, but I'm pretty sure that I wouldn't be here to tell you about it if I had made it in.  Mill Creek Entertainment has given it to us on Blu-ray just in time for the spooky season to begin (remember that Halloween starts in August now)

Synopsis from Mill Creek:

At University Hospital School of Medicine, a group of ambitious medical students are about to die... and live to describe the experience. Embarking on a daring and arrogant experiemnt the five students aim to push through the confines of life and touch the face of death. In their search for knowledge, hoever, the five discover the chilling consequences of daring to temper with immortality. 

We're here to talk about the Blu-ray today. The movie itself is one of my all time favorite pictures that features some of the greatest stars of the late 80's and early 90's. I can only tell you that if you watch, you will enjoy it either on a very superficial level or on a more philosophical basis. The Blu-ray looks just fine. Nothing really wrong for it at all. The extras... do not exist. This is where I find fault on the disc. This is a major release of the early 90's with EVERYBODY in it, and not an interview (old or new), trailer, advertisement, still... nothing. This is a real let down, and maybe one I would normally overlook, save for the size and scope of this release in 1990. It's important to understand that this is not a definitive edition and it is very affordable so from a budgetary standpoint it completely makes sense to have it streamlined. So perhaps we will see a more complete release on Blu-ray in the future, but for now, this the transfer is fine, and it's the right price. It also preserves the original cover/poster art I am absolutely thankful for.

So relive Billy Baldwin taking nudie sex tapes of hotties and remember just how amazing Julia Roberts' hair looked. Try to figure out how you too can own that crazy SUV that Kevin Bacon drives and most of all... fear the subway.

You can order Flatliners now.

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