Sunday, July 20, 2014

REVIEW: Hunting the Legend (Image DVD) - The Thing in the Woods That You Cannot See Kill You

I had high hopes for this picture after the first five minutes. It actually intrigued me. Hey let's go on the standard issue hunt for Big Foot in the middle of the woods based on a traumatic event that may or may not have been caused by a giant hairy dude that may or may not exist. You know this type of found footage movie is very popular, and this particular one reminded me of The Frankenstein Theory which I actually enjoyed quite a bit but there is one huge problem; this thing just go on for ever without much more than a Blair Witch "josh hunt" followed by some extremely belligerent crying. 

Synopsis from Image:

Five years ago, a deer hunter vanished in the Alabama woods, leaving behind only a rifle, bloodstains and an enormous footprint from a species unknown to science. Now, the hunter’s son Chris, his two best friends and a documentary film crew set out to learn the truth… and seek vengeance. Their search leads them deep into rugged terrain rumored to hide the huge, man-like beast known as Sasquatch. As they close in on their prey, they learn the horrifying consequences of Hunting the Legend.

Sasquatch fans may actually end up enjoying this picture. There's plenty of lore and "ghost hunter" style tactics that a loyal fanbase may find exciting. While the end may leave me laughing rather than commiserating with our lead I urge you to see it through even when the lead gets the Kleenex out because there's a nice twist at the end that actually nearly saves the movie. Nearly.

Expect standard issue found footage and put big foot in the "most wanted" roll.

You can pick up Hunting the Legend on DVD from Amazon. Available July 22nd. 

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