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Welcome Fedora accessorizers! Welcome black glove wearers (if it don’t fit, we don’t give a shit)! Welcome J&B imbibers! Welcome progressive rock and/or jazz listeners! What’s your Fenech? Argento you going to stay awhile?

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For the previous two years we’ve been using Friday the 13th based themes to convey a connection between Italian Horror cinema and American cinema. We’ve written some articles that identify points of commonality and tried to address that whether a filmmaker blatantly rips off a movie or simply creates an homage to a film or better yet steals the title of a movie in order to better market their film, the end result should always be the same: entertainment. We want to be entertained. Since we are or are becoming fans of Italian Horror we require ample amounts of skin, gore, Crayola red blood, avant-garde music and exploitation turned up to level eleven to enjoy our experience. It occurred to me that another love of mine also shares this same prerogative for the extreme, for the outlandish, for skin and even a touch of violence… professional friggin wrestling. I know some of you may be turned off by the concept of performers, claiming to be athletes running amok in scripted matches that seem to be all but predictable. I assure you that the connection between Italian dark cinema and professional wrestling, the soap opera, the pomp, the exploitation and the fantasy exists. We will help you find it this week because for Italian Horror Week III we are adopting some of the very same storytelling methods, imagery and tropes from the world of professional wrestling (gasp).

For instance, the original tag line provided on the poster for Wrestlemania III was Bigger! Better! Badder! Obviously we’ve taken liberties. We will be holding at least one tournament this week involving the best of the best Italian composers. Also, you might notice familiar faces popping up in some doctored posters, VHS covers or screen shots that may combine Italian Horror icons and pro-wrestling royalty.  There are plenty of ways to make this week a combination of two seemingly distinct items amalgamated into one giant Terry-Gene-Bollea Mania or Randy-Mario-Poffo Macho match.

I hope this is fun for you. I hope that this helps get some wrestling fans into Italian splat movies, and just maybe some of you horror fans will remember the World Wrestling Federation as well as other federation or groups. Most of my early wrestling tutelage comes from 1980’s WWF, so that will be my primary focus of the week.

 During Italian Horror Week or IHW for short (in pro-wrestling fashion), make sure to share the articles you love, discuss them with your friends, participate in giveaways and have a great time. There’s a lot of content. Folks worked very hard to guest write pieces and offer their Italian Horror experience. Please refrain from being overly critical if someone makes a mistake and apply the helping hand of constructive criticism or providing fact checking in a courteous manner. Feel free to provide additional info in the comment sections of articles or even email us directly to discuss any issues. Some of us are experts on the subject, others are not, some of us are writing for the first. Be respectful.  I realize this is the internet, but we can be civil… until the bell rings.
Other points of interest:

-Contests will be listed under the contest section in the tabs under the DOCTERROR banner above. Once they are closed you will see the word CLOSED next to the contest.

-There will be a special tab for Maestro Mania. This will help you to keep track of the tournament of Italian Horror Composers. You will be asked to vote and participate as well as sample some of their compositions. Please do so.

-While you wait for the latest Hacktivision Faux Nintendo Entertainment System game you can enjoy our past work in the tab above. We will be releasing a mammoth new faux game this week. We hope you enjoy this year’s selection. This is not small undertaking so please share around.

-Remember to follow us on Twitter, Instagram, the IT CAME FROM 1980X Tumblr page and Facebook and check YES to Notifications to stay up to date with our latest articles and giveaways.

-Finally there will be an ITALIAN HORROR WEEK tab in the links above that will direct you to all published articles for Italian Horror Week for this year. Feel free to check out previous years as well under the Italian Horror Week tab.

IHW starts today and will run for a little over a week ending some time the weekend of July 18th (probably Sunday with the results announcement for Maestro Mania and our recap). We have an Andre the Giant size load of guest writers waiting in the wings, so every day there will be multiple articles. Check back often.

-Doc Terror

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