Tuesday, August 26, 2014

NEW RELEASE UPDATE: Squirm Coming October 28th - Full Release Specs and Extras.

Man when I was a kid Squirm was the ickiest flick I could imagine. That means it kind of got to me. I had first read about it in An Album of Modern Horror and from there my inner-hype level grew. When I finally saw it I had to admit that it wasn't a perfect picture, but I laughed a little and then I internalized it. Worms. Everywhere. Eating and consuming people. The location reminded me of my hometown and even though there are times where the effects resembled something out of an Italian restaurant rather than a horror picture, I adore it. 

Scream Factory has released the full specs for this upcoming release hitting October 28th. Man do I love the new art (maybe not as much as the original). I'm excited to see everything this disc has to offer.

NEW RELEASE UPDATE: THE PARANORMAL DIARIES: CLOPHILL Coming September 30th to DVD and Digital Download

We have a new release coming at the end of the month on DVD and Digital Download. It's a found footage flick. It has the word paranormal in the title. It has ancient evil. I'm not sure I buy that this isn't a bit too similar to another "Paranormal" movie that usually comes out around October. Take a look.

From the Makers of THE ZOMBIE DIARIES

Available on DVD and Digital Download September 30th, 2014

Monday, August 25, 2014

REVIEW/NEW RELEASE UPDATE: Spine Chillers from Sam Haynes

Sam Haynes has put out some damn good horror music. Typically when I think of his stuff it usually comes in the context of mood music for Halloween or perhaps a dedicated track from your haunt. It's perfectly built to create atmosphere and assist in your spook. Sam has given us something new to appreciate just in time for the Halloween season. This time it jumps out of the background and demands your attention. The full release hits September 13th and it's filled with the kind of music you need to listen to during the holiday season. 

REVIEW: New Graveyard Calling Releases featuring Demoni and Spooky Jefferson's Ideal Lunchbox

That Graveyard Calling exists makes a happy horror music fan. These guys put out really cool cassette tapes in awesome color with great packaging for bands that need exposure because... simply put... they fucking rock my bloody socks clean off. Up to this point they've focused on electronic music releases which, while eye opening, was not necessarily my favorite subgenre of horror music. With their latest double feature of releases they've ventured into ska and psychobilly. Both horror releases. Both catchy as fuck. Both with a unique charm that makes each listenable and fun as Hell!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Dead Air: Episode 58 - Guardians Of The Galaxy (2014)

This week on the show, Jeff (@Jeff_FOTD) and Jesse (@DestroySuperman) take a break from our unofficial "Bargain Bin Madness" series to review the summer's biggest Sci-Fi/Action blockbuster, Guardians of the Galaxy!
First, the guys surprise James (@DrJimmyTerror) by podcast-bombing him via Skype. You'll get the lowdown on why he isn't on the show this week, along with some stories about male strippers and his Blood Bucket Challenge for Scares That Care.
Next, Jesse takes a few minutes to talk about the newest Nic Cage movie (surprised?), Rage, and Jeff sticks up for the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie by laying out the reasons why it's actually not as bad as the Internet might have you believe... No childhoods were raped during this discussion.
Then, it's on to a full review about Guardians of the Galaxy. Jesse and Jeff tell you why you should see it, give their full reactions, and discuss how excited they are for James Gunn (and how much of a boner Jesse has for Bradley Cooper).
As always, you can expect inappropriate humor, wild tangents, and all sorts of genre film talk...
If streaming isn't your thing, you may Download the MP3 Directly here or Subscribe Via iTunes.
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And, as always, if you want to drop us a line to let us know what you think of any of the movies discussed tonight, or you just want to give us feedback on the podcast in general, please send an email to podcast (at) liberaldead (dot) com.

Check out this episode!

REVIEW: Rosemary's Baby (NBC Miniseries) - How To Copy a Good Movie and Make a Shitty Remake

I feel obligated to warn you guys, so that's the only reason I'm writing this one up. I try to avoid listing products that I find completely without merit, but from time to time a title warrants a "Do Not Enter" sign. Thus is the case with the NBC miniseries Rosemary's Baby.

In the simplest terms this is a long winded, ineffective, poorly acted, worse visually effected, slap dash production that does not carry the presence or heart of the original picture while trying to capitalize on what worked in the original film. Unfortunately it doesn't work at all, and I try to give these things a shot. I don't want to damn it solely based on its realization of the original concept. With most remakes comparing them to the original is a bad idea. Often the original picture is superior in our mind regardless of what a remake might bring to the table due to nostalgia. In this instance I think it's downright important for the viewer to do so because it is nearly the same movie but set in France with a few scenes added to flesh out the story to increase its runtime to three fucking hours. It contains none of Polanski's style, none of Mia Farrow's naivete or eventual viscious nature as protective mother. The music sucks.The whole thing feels like a soap opera turned horror movie but devoid of all effect and power.Casting was completely wrong for Roman Castavet. May whatever deity you believe in have mercy on the casting director's soul.

REVIEW: President Wolfman (Wild Eye Relesaing) - Commander in Wolf

You see a trailer for a thing. You know the concept and how it is put together. You know that it's going to make you laugh, but I suppose the real question is how hard is it going to make you laugh? President Wolfman coming to you from Wild Eye Releasing has adopted a sort of cut and paste technique of older footage to create one cohesive story line that has all the hallmarks of a Mystery Science Theater 3000 romp without copycatting or shorting the audience. While they've applied the technique of using older footage to create a new movie, dubbed with all the hilarity of your favorite Kaiju picture, it actually feels like one solid movie. It's absolutely worth picking up for fans of 50's horror or fans of movie-riffing.

Friday, August 22, 2014

NEW RELEASE UPDATE: Borgman From Drafthouse Films on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD September 9th

Borgman from Drafthouse Films sounds friggin' crazy. Drafthouse Films puts out some wacky shit, and this one seems to continue the trend. This one comes out September 9th. I'm not sure that I would qualify Borgman as a standard issue horror picture, but the trailer is filled with some unsettling imagery, that looks artistically pretty and moderately eerie.

Full release from Drafthouse Films below.

Big bad beard fans must apply

NEW RELEASE UPDATE: From the Dark Coming From Dark Sky Films Wraps Production

Did you love Stitches? I love Stitches. It was a gory fun time that had some traditional dark clown themes with plenty of creative kills and near 1980's level horror humor. Connor McMahon, the man behind Stitches, has just wrapped his new production, From The Dark, for MPI/Dark Sky which means we're going to see if he can carry some of that monster movie charm to an ancient bog monster of pure evil (the word bog used in the release below is enough to tantalize). 

NEW RELEASE UPDATE: Found Coming to Xlrator DVD September 23rd

The new DVD release of Found has a release date, September 23rd. This means you can stop overpaying for the old edition now and pick up the new Xlrator edition in more affordable package. Found has been available on VOD, but now you can own it. 

We will have a review up closer to the release date, but from what I hear we have a special treat in store. The reviews rave about it. 

NEW RELEASE UPDATE: Exists Comes to Theaters and On Demand October 24th

Urban Legend involving the unleashing of some great vengeful force in the middle of the woods... yeah I'll watch that. Lionsgate is releasing Exists in theater and On Demand on October 24th (my birfday). This one comes to you via director Eduardo Sanchez who is responsible for The Blair Witch Project but more recently released Lovely Molly, directed an episode of the TV show From Dusk Till Dawn and a segment in VHS2! I wasn't a fan of Lovely Molly on my first viewing, but the second really showed me something different. Sanchez can get great performances from his actors. 

Full release note below. Check out the poster while we wait for the trailer. I think I see a monster in there!

NEW RELEASE UPDATE: The Pact 2 from IFC Midnight on VOD September 5th and in Theater October 10th

Quite a few of you expressed a love for the IFC Midnight release of The Pact a couple years back. It wasn't my favorite movie, but I'm willing to give the second installment a shot. It looks fairly brutal and it might have a slightly faster pace. The first one kinda of knocked me out. 

We will be reviewing this feature closer to the release date in early October. Full release notes below

Thursday, August 21, 2014

NEW RELEASE UPDATE: Life After Beth Coming October 21st to Blu-ray and DVD

Let's give this one a try, shall we? Stop me if you've heard this term before... Zom-Rom-Com? In a world where zombie movies nearly took over the entire horror genre for two years, we are finally watching the tide rollback ever so slightly... only to see it roll back in with life After Beth which is coming out October 21st. Am I excited about this release? I'm not excited, but the effort to be objective about this type of thing is more difficult than listening to Donald Rumsfeld speaking at peace rally. You almost can't keep your goddamn mouth shut and express some kind of negativity about it.

Please surprise us Life After Beth. Do not include a baby zombie. Will you give this one a shot?

EVENT UPDATE: MONDO CON Screenings, Exclusives and Guest List

Mondo, the art gallery and art distributor owned by the Alamo Drafthouse, are throwing a spectacular con with some powerful screenings this September. Check out the guest list. For me, I'd love to meet Bernie Wrightson. His work literally changed my life when I was kid first with his Creepshow comic adaptation of the Romero/King movie and then with a series of trading cars I randomly bought at a convention. I used to try to draw them all, failing miserably. I even did a copper etch of one of the cards.

There's everything from custom toy creators to record co's. Death Waltz. Waxworks. Retroband... It would be impossible to save enough money to purchase all of the amazing goodies one could possibly find at an event of this magnitude!

PRODUCTION UPDATE: Bad Kids Go 2 Hell Picks up Sean Astin, Ali Astin and Gina Gershon, Drake Bell and Sufe Bradshaw

The comic book adapted movie Bad Kids Go to Hell is developing its franchise further with a  new installment Bad Kids Go 2 Hell. This is a follow up that takes place four years after the previous installment and has signed on some reputable names to fill the lead roles. It's great to see Sean and Ali Astin working together (father and daughter duo that worked together on Lord of the Rings). We welcome Sean Astin back to another horror picture (or comedic thriller as it is being marketed) just after his success in the Cabin Fever origin story, Cabin Fever Patient Zero. We have been discussing his role in Borderlands at great length lately. Defintiely a brilliant genre star.
This looks like one hell of a time from the description thus far and we'll keep you updated as more news arises about this franchise.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

NEW RELEASE UPDATE: The Burbs Coming to Arrow Blu-ray - Your Quiet Vacation at Home Starts September 15th

The Burbs is hitting Blu-ray and Limited Edition Steelbook September 15th. This is some great news considering I've been holding out for the Arrow release. This will be a region locked release, so if you're in the US you'll need a region free player to view it. I'm not entirely sure who isn't a fan of the Burbs. I think I quote it consciously or unconsciously once a week. 

It's one of the greats; a movie that can walk the fine line between horror flick with campy, creepy sensibilities while still pulling the laughs straight out of your guts. This new cover art almost looks like it would be a better fit for a William Castle movie circa the 1960's. Of course it will be reversible with the traditional cover art, but I think I'll keep this one facing out. 

We'll be reviewing this release soon, but until then look into your region free player.

NEW RELEASE UPDATE: Delivery: The Beast Within Hitting DVD and Digital HD September 30th

The pregnancy horror continues and continues and continues. Delivery: The Beast Within is the next in a series of moves that feature supernatural prego-isms. This subgenre is so hit or miss, I'm not sure I can even accurately comment on these movie or their trailers anymore. That's not to say I won't keep an open mind while reviewing, but clearly the industry has decided on a focus. 

Of course my preference is for It's Alive and the first sequel. This is the first outing for Brian Netto and we wish him luck. Let's hope the leads can do their job of making us feel an amazing amount of sympathy for their plight. Keep the CG to a minimum guys.

NEW RELEASE UPDATE: The Boogey Man, StageFright and Concorde Affaire '79 Vinyl Available For Order From One Way Static

The Boogey Man (Original 1980 Motion Picture Soundtrack)

One Way Static Records proudly presents Motion Sound Records first release. Tim Krog's Iconic soundtrack to 'The Boogey Man' from 1980.

Limited vinyl pressing of the eerie electronic score by composer Tim Krog for the 1980 Ulli Lommel cult classic The Boogey Man.

Composer Tim Krog studied film scoring at UCLA and has created music for film, television, and radio but is probably best know for his work as the composer for The Boogey Man.

Limited edition pressing of 500 Copies only. Pressed on 180g clear vinyl, housed In a 350 gsm, 5 mm spine sleeve. Machine numbered & shrink wrapped.

12 tracks total!

A1    The Boogey Man    3:01
A2    Nightmare    0:52
A3    Weird Willy Music    2:04
A4    The Boogey Man Strikes    1:29
A5    Explosion At The Well    2:48
A6    The Boogey Man (Version 2)    4:00

B1    Childhood    3:39
B2    Jake's Theme    1:00
B3    Gloom    2:17
B4    Music Box    0:31
B5    Fast Tracks    3:08
B6    The Boogey Man (Version 3)    2:34

Available from
(NOT available from )


Stage Fright (Original 1987 Motion Picture Soundtrack) 

From the label that brought you HARDWARE. Here is STAGE FRIGHT by SIMON BOSWELL !

By 1987, Simon Boswell had already contributed fantastic music and songs to Dario Argento’s ‘Phe- nomena’ and scored all of Lamberto Bava’s ‘Demoni II’. When it came to hiring a composer for ‘Stage Fright’, Simon came highly recommended and was my first choice. ‘Stage Fright’ (aka ‘Aquarius’, ‘Deliria’ and ‘Bloody Bird’), was my first feature-length movie and has always held a special place in my heart. When I heard the ‘Stage Fright’ music I realised that Simon had matched my vision with something unique and fresh, combining his expertise in programming and playing synthesisers and samplers with
his skills as a great guitarist. I love the way his classical roots rub shoulders with the distinctive ‘thrashy’ sound of 70’s English punk music, dreamy synth landscapes and the programmed rhythms of the indie dance music that he produced so much of in the 80’s. Altogether, this enabled him to compose a score that was very contemporary, hypnotic, scary and, when needed, both beautiful and aggressive. Here it is, for the first time on vinyl since 1987. Enjoy it!’ Michele Soavi, August 2014

* Artwork by contemporary fine artist Lg White.
* Bespoke full colour printed vinyl labels.
* Full colour printed paper inner sleeves.
* Bespoke full colour printed, premium 320 gsm heavy card jackets.

1) Aquarius Theme 4:37
2) Hieronymus 3:15
3) Deliria 3:43
4) Bloody Bird 2:37
5) Requiem for an Owl 3:52

1) Backstage 4:36
2) Drama Queen 4:48
3) Method 2:05
4) Drill 2:14
5) Aphonia Clericorum 4:06

Available from (Europe)
Available from (North America)

Concorde Affaire '79 (Original 1979 Motion Picture Soundtrack)

One Way Static Records presents the first release of the US based label VOMBIS RECORDS.

Stelvio Cipriani's soundtrack for Ruggero Deodato's "Concorde Affaire '79" is a masterpiece, bringing together many diverse styles that the maestro perfected at his prime: propulsive motorik disco funk, epic soaring strings, smooth tropical jazz, ominous atmospheric industrial synthscapes, and more!

This limited edition replicates the rare original Japanese release and adds a second LP with 15 bonus tracks, creating a complete and definitive release of Cipriani's finest hour. Also includes new liner notes by Cipriani himself! A first-class piece of Italian soundtrack history is now back in circulation.

First ever COMPLETE release with all 30 tracks including ALL tracks from the original Japanese LP plus a 2nd LP with 15 bonus tracks. LP housed in deluxe Stoughton “Tip-On” gatefold jacket. Black Vinyl pressing only, no color vinyl is being made. Comes with exclusive liner notes by Stelvio Cipriani.


A1) Adventure Flight
A2) Concorde Theme
A3) Last Clash
A4) Night Escape
A5) Martinica Bounce
A6) Concorde Theme
A7) The Snare
A8) Struggle For Life

B1) Martinica Dreaming
B2) Concorde Theme
B3) Last Tenderness
B4) Happy Landing
B5) Rhythmic Feelings
B6) Concorde Theme
B7) Emergency Call

C1) Concorde Theme Guitar
C2) Underwater Thrill
C3) Life Alert
C4) Happy Beat
C5) Percussion Theme
C6) Martinica Bounce
C7) Concorde Underwater Effects
C8) Suspense Drums
C9) Concorde Combo

D1) Concorde Theme Samba
D2) Suspense Disco
D3) Adventure Flight
D4) Adventure Flight Slow
D5) Martinica Dreaming
D6) Synth Theme

Available from (Europe)
Available from (North America)


Phantom Of The Opera & other online pre-orders Update:

Shipping is in full effect in the US and European orders are shippingthis friday ! You will receive a shipping notification real soon. Watch your mailboxes and if there are any problems, feel free to contact us.

Thank you!


NEW RELEASE UPDATE: Cold in July Hits Blu-ray and DVD September 30th

What's Dexter gonna do after he's done with this Showtime series? Michael C. Hall was Dexter for so long it's almost difficult to remember that he was in Six Feet Under among other things. He's a brilliant actor. Get ready for more of the same in Cold in July that features a great cast, a terrific story and enough tension to send you to the chiropractor until you meet your high insurance deductible. 

I haven't met a person who dislikes Cold in July, and having already enjoyed it on VOD, I can tell you that this a must watch and most likely a must own for most of you. It's not straight forward horror but has perfect suspense and murder mystery elements that give it that Nancy Drew with a pulse crime thriller feel. 

NEW RELEASE UPDATE: Open Windows Coming to VOD This Fall

After watching Timecrimes this year for the first time it's pretty obvious that Nacho Vigalondo knows how to build tension and creates an intellectually stimulating film that preserves the need for gratuity. His work will be seen on ABCs of Death 2 and V/H/S Viral soon, but until then we will have the chance to enjoy his newest work, Open Windows. I'm not sure which makes me happier: seeing Elijah Wood in yet another dark fantasy picture or appreciating Sasha Grey's superior beauty. 

EVENT UPDATE: EXHUMED FILMS Screenings of Star Trek III, DUNE, Aliens and Critters!
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    August 23 2014: Exhumed Films presents a double feature of Underrated Science-Fiction Films!Doors at 7:30 pm, Show at 8:00pm - Admission $15
    International House Philadelphia, 3701 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia
    STAR TREK III: THE SEARCH FOR SPOCK (30th anniversary screening)
    1984 / 35mm / Dir. Leonard Nimoy / 105 min.
    STAR TREK II: THE WRATH OF KHAN was one of the biggest box office hits of 1982, so Paramount was anxious to quickly ramp up a sequel.  Although Trek fans generally loved KHAN, the film's decision to kill off Leonard Nimoy's Mr. Spock was a controversial one, to say the least.  As its title implies, STAR TREK III: THE SEARCH FOR SPOCK focuses on Admiral James T. Kirk (William Shatner) and the crew of the Enterprise as they attempt to retrieve the body of their fallen comrade.  However, they run afoul of a cruel Klingon commander (BACK TO THE FUTURE's Christopher Lloyd) who plots to steal the rejuvenating secrets of the planet Genesis for his own nefarious purposes.  While not as lucrative as either STAR TREK II or the oddly light-hearted sequel STAR TREK IV: THE VOYAGE HOME, THE SEARCH FOR SPOCK is an intelligent, enjoyable, and underrated entry in the TREK film series.
    DUNE (30th anniversary screening)
    1984 / 35mm / Dir. David Lynch / 137 min.
    Frank Herbert's epic science-fiction novel DUNE was long considered unfilmable, though several directors-most famously, Alejandro Jodorowsky-tried to bring the classic to the screen during the 1970s, only to see their projects ultimately fall apart.  But in 1984, acclaimed avant-garde filmmaker David Lynch followed his art-house successes ERASERHEAD and THE ELEPHANT MAN with an ambitious, big budget adaptation of Herbert's masterpiece.  Lynch's DUNE is infamous in the realm of sci-fi films: it is a divisive movie, one that fans tend to either love or hate.  Many of the film's perceived weaknesses can be traced to the fact that producer Dino DeLaurentis forced Lynch to excise over 45 minutes of footage in order to get the running time down to a more reasonable (but still lengthy) 2 hours and 17 minutes.  But flawed or not, DUNE's story of political intrigue, galactic warfare and religious allegory set in the far-off future is visually stunning and truly epic in score.  Featuring an impressive cast (Kyle MacLachlan, Jurgen Prochnow, Patrick Stewart, Max von Sydow, and Sting, among others) and an orchestral/rock hybrid score by the band Toto (!), DUNE is definitely an interesting film that deserves a second look.

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    Friday Sept 19th, 2014

    October 25-26 2014 
     Exhumed Films presents 24 Hour Horror-thon, Part VIII 
    SOLD OUT !!

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    REVIEW: Cabin Fever - Patient Zero (Blu-ray Image) - Third Time's A Gore

    The original Cabin Fever from Eli Roth is one of the few movies that makes my stomach turn. Not much. Just a little. If I was eating Chinese food while watching Cabin Fever I might stop eating Chinese food. I love the makeup and the practical effects. They really get me good and embody some kind of half disgusto/half fun as Hell that is distinctly Roth, perhaps the thing that makes me enjoy each of his pictures. The follow up sequel, Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever was a complete let down with only one notable exception, the opening credits were good, animated fun. It featured a regurgitated story, uninspired effects and was just plain boring. Needless to say that after enjoying the original and then seeing  a sequel of this kind, I wasn't exactly excited to check out a third one. Then came Cabin Fever Patient Zero which focuses on the origin of the disease featured in the previous installments in the series, and represents a step in the right direction, creating some very memorable gore sequences and developing a plot about which I actually care.

    Tuesday, August 19, 2014

    REVIEW: Grindhouse Trailer Classics Volume 1 (Intervision DVD)

    Okay okay okay... this is the first step. Admitting you have a problem. I am... a trailer reel junkie. Goddamn I love trailers. I mean I will watch hours of them and barely care to watch the full releases just so long as the trailer gave me that two to three minute music video length excitement. Maybe I have a short attention span. Maybe it's because I love to see all the good bits packed into such a short time frame like some kind of strange mondo porn that features ever sex act in less than a minute. I'll say it again, unashamed. I love trailer reels, and we have a new one from Intervision that absolutely fucking gets the job done. Grindhouse Trailer Classics from Intervision is the US release of the Nucleus release out of the UK. These are the same folks who put out both Video Nasty documentaries (The Definitive and Draconian Days). 

    REVIEW: Jersey Shore Massacre (Attack Blu-ray) - It's Worse Than You Think It Is

    Say Hi to the new reality program stars turned horror movie exploiters. Same as the old reality program stars turned horror movie exploiters. You can't fool me Jersey Shore Massacre. I know your tricks. I'm on to you. I know that you threw the words "Jersey Shore" on the cover to sell copies and that the minute I saw JWWOW's production company on the package I'd regret what I was going to watch, but I knew I had to... to be sure. This the kind of double tap you do to make sure the masked killer is good and dead. I had to make sure that a neo-classic didn't get under my radar. I urge you not to be fooled and if you are fooled, don't expect Jersey Shore Shark Attack! It's actually a Pine Barrens movie. It also has Ron Jeremy, and you know what that means (no one gets fucked in the ass I assure you).

    REVIEW: Blood Glacier (IFC Midnight DVD) - You're Going to Need a Bigger Arctic Tampon

    I had the chance to enjoy Blood Glacier on VOD earlier this year, and I really think it was a good time. You have to admire this kind of special effects work that isn't perfect by any stretch of the imagination but still manages to give you more than a laugh. Blood Glacier understands how to have a good time. It works well within its budget and clealry the filmmaker understood his limitations in that regard while trying to stretch our imagination in other ways. Today we are going to discuss the DVD release, and I'll repost some of my impressions from my first viewing. Blood Glacier doesn't bowl you over, but it is clearly re-watchable and perhaps even more fun the second time. 

    REVIEW: Killer Mermaid (Epic DVD) - Can I Please Have Some More Fish, Please?

    Killer Mermaid. The title is evocative of boobs and blood and the raunchiest, most erotic horror I could ever want. Artists have been portraying their sexy vision of these underwater femmes for years. I suppose that those images have stuck with me, perhaps since I first stared down Darryl Hannah in Splash. Just knowing that a movie was going to be released called Killer Mermaid excited me especially after the name was changed from Nymph for the US release. The cover art was a bit generic, but most movies don't understand the importance of good cover art these days. I suppose the real question I had was, is this going to be a SyFy original picture CG fest or do we have something viscous on our hands? Will I watch an erotic nightmare with one hand down my pants or should I pull out my Wii-mote and try to play the computer graphic game? What lurks beneath the water?

    REVIEW: The Walking Dead - The Complete Fourth Season (Anchor Bay Blu-ray)

    If there was a season that separated out the people who loved The Walking Dead from those that outright despised it, season four may have been the second most divisive only surpassed by season two. The first half of the season was a jaw dropper with some absolutely twisted events, high action and gut churning suspense. The second half of the season was a slow burn, developing story with characters discovering themselves and each other as well as a potential road to salvation. As a fan of the series, this was not my favorite season yet. It was my second favorite after season three. Season four felt like a pleasant hangover of season three, with the governor still lurking in the shadows, the prison in tact and many of our favorite characters alive despite some fall favorites in season three.This is not a bad thing; it was almost a welcome come down from the battle royale of season three. 

    REVIEW: Pieces of Talent - Making Movies Will Make You Crazy

    With horror movies so focused on being realistic it's difficult to actually have a good time while watching one. Even when I'm enjoying a horror picture I can't help but think that I want to be entertained, not simply disgusted or jump-scared or confused (STOP CONFUSING ME HORROR MOVIES!). Pieces of Talent from Joe Stauffer is a clever beast with some awesome gore, meta-horror story line and, best of all, it's absolutely a pleasure to watch. The combination of black comedy and crazy mixed with the over the top kills is only perfected by the bat shit performance by co-writer David Long who plays the charismatic antagonist. Pieces of Talent has been getting some good press as of late, and I'm glad to say that it is justified.

    Monday, August 18, 2014

    REVIEW: Leviathan (Scream Factory Blu-ray) - Ernie Hudson Said What?

    When I was a kid I was confused. Not in general but specifically regaring three different releases featuring under water Sci-Fi/Horror adventures. There was DeepStar Six, the Abyss and the subject of today's review, Leviathan. I've seen each of these movies, and while DeepStar Six is still my favorite due to the gore factor, I used to have a love affair with Leviathan as well. Sure Abyss is a great flick, but it never really stuck with me like the two monster features with blood and guts a la carte; perhaps it was simply too pretty and less gratuitous. Up until a few days ago I had all but forgotten specifics regarding Leviathan save for the WPIX trailer from when it first aired on network TV and the trailer. It wasn't due to dislike, I just didn't own the movie. With Scream Factory's release I had the chance to relive memories of watching it on repeat, taped off TV and missing some of the good bits only this time I could watch it complete, full of monster effects and blood.

    Sunday, August 17, 2014

    REVIEW: WAX from Victor Matellano - Night of the Living Paraffin

    Wax Museum Horror is a thing as old as horror movies themselves. Think of your favorite. House of Wax, Nightmare in the Wax Museum, Even a movie that is an extension of the wax museum concept in Tourist Trap which has its own wax based terror scene and of course Waxworks featuring David Warren and Zach Galligan facing off in a battle of the supernatural and stiff. There's a new film on display that should be arriving soon whether via festival or direct release from Spain from first time feature director Victor Matellano, WAX. While Matellano has directed a couple shorts, this is his first time behind the lens on this scale and may I say he does a fantastic job. Wax is perfectly creepy combining elements of previous wax museum efforts with effective modern twists and gore shellacked by the seductive/menacing dichotomy of the Spanish screen favorite, Jack Taylor. Oh it's a glorious release,and while I don't have an a time frame for you to enjoy it yet, I want to wet your palette. The hype-pot needs a-stirring.

    HORROR COMIC UPDATE: SLASHERMANIA From Freaktown Comics Coming Soon.

    You guys have gotta check this out. A fun filled slasher competition romp with many categories in comic form. Join in the fanfare with this upcoming graphic novel that looks fan-fucking-tastic. I love the artistic style in the preview and story line. Plenty of homages to our favorite slashers throughout horror history. No release date yet, but we'll keep you updated when it comes out. 

    Full notes from Freaktown Comics:

    NEWS: The Houses October Built Coming Acquired by Image/RLJ

    The Houses October Built sounds great. Let's set our a horror movie inside haunted attractions. Sure the rest of the plot sounds moderately formulaic (see full release notes below), but the atmosphere could more than make up for any deficiency in creative narrative. It kind of reminds me of the basic theme behind House of 1000 Corpses though I'm fairly certain it will lack some of the things that made that effective ie a glimpse at Sherri Moon Zombie's ass crack. Image has acquired the rights for North America and we should have a review once a date is released. We'll keep you informed about upcoming news regarding a DVD.
    We've included one still from the movie which features a common haunt icon, the evil clown. I like the look just fine, but it's quickly becoming overused (not clown horror, just this look).