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EVENT RECAP: Hudson Horror Show IX - An Auditorium of Laughter and Terror

I love mystery movies. I have loved every mystery movie that Hudson Horror Show has screened. I love that there's a private movie just for the audience or movies that we don't discuss to build the temptation for non-believers and give fans of horror a real (or reel) treat. For Hudson Horror Show number 9 (number 9 number 9 number 9 number 9) there were two mystery movies that made that night extra special, and I want to tell you my reaction to them. I won't list their titles to protect the code. It's like a cult, the Free Masons. If I tell Chris Alo will cut off my head with a sword or maybe just make it explode; I hear he's a scanner. If the first and second rules of Fight Club are not to talk about Fight Club, then the First and second rules of Hudson Horror Show are we don't talk about the mystery movies (or use lap tops or talk over the movies or use cell phones). Here  are my thoughts on another tremendous event from the little repertory that could.

We didn't think we were going to get another HHS after the theater changed ownership and we were granted a great wish yesterday. Support your 35mm screenings wherever they may be. Here's to a long life for Hudson Horror Show!


A movie that I own recently released on Blu-ray that I haven't had the chance to watch yet but will revisit immediately. This was a tremendous experience with a star studded cast. The cast actually features two actors who were paired (nearly perfectly) in another movie I just reviewed. It had moments of comedy and overacting balanced with genuine scares. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this experience and even though the print was somewhat washed out and faded I was perfectly glad to have the chance to see this projected and with a fun-loving audience.

Note: I had a discussion with Michael Gingold about this one and though Exhumed Films had screened it at a Horrorthon but was absolutely wrong. They had just been advertising it for a double feature at one point.


I hadn't seen this in years, and man do I want to own it. It appears to be out of print at the moment, but no one will let this thing sit on the shelf. It's got a cult following. Let's hope it gets picked up soon. It has one of the greatest, simply synth scores I've had the pleasure to enjoy in years. A star-packed cast. Some exquisite boobs. What a powerful, genuinely terrifying experience. That bed scene! Whoa!

Note: THE GODDAMN SOUNDTRACK WAS NEVER RELEASED! I found one fan audio track rip. That's all and it's overdriven!


I took some time off having watched this one twice in the last year, but caught the end of it. What an amazing print of a classic. Yes this was uncut and had some additional moments added that involved violence. I believe I've only watched the uncut version in recent memory which makes it unnoticeable to me now. It's camp (both cheese and literally involving campers). See Jason Alexander with hair and Fisher Stevens before he got to know Johnny 5. The kills hold up thanks to the work of Tom Savini which looked juicy good on this print.


My first viewing experience with Lady Terminator was at an Exhumed Films 24 Hour Horrorthon some years back. I had been sleeping and awoke in the middle of the movie to find a woman imitating the Terminator with scenes that mimicked the Terminator only it had copious ta-ta's and some of the worst/best dubbing I've ever had the chance to laugh about. This time I didn't wake up in the of the feature and learned that there's a separate, non-Terminator plot that really tied it in with the Mystiques of Bali style filmmaking (both movies directed by H. Tjut Djalil). The audience could not contain their laughter proving once again that Lady Terminator is one of the most perfect 35mm movies to screen in the middle of a horrorthon.


To counterbalance the humor of Lady Terminator, the audience was treated to the pure filth of William Lustig's Maniac. The splatter and the gore are on the screen and by the end of the feature you feel like you've got bits of Tom Savini in your hair. I was never so aware of how much Joe Spinell was involved with the creation of this movie and never so moved by his character Frank Zito, a man with mommy issues and a penchant for mutilation and mannequins. This is a disturbing picture. This will upset you and luckily for most of the audience there was a follow up picture to wash out the taste of Maniac. That's not to say I didn't enjoy Maniac projected, but I actually got somewhat emotional afterward. Everyone clapped loudly at the end and everyone clapped when Savini gets it, but no one laughed. That's the appropriate reaction to Maniac in the same vain as a Henry Portrait of a Serial Killer or I Spit on Your Grave.


While I had to get going for this final movie (I generally do for the final Hudson Horror Show movie due to my drive time). I was reading updates from folks who stuck around that this was a fun way to end the night filled with applause and cheering creating a more positive way to leave the auditorium. Can you imagine if they finished with Maniac?

Bill Diamond and Ron Chaney (credit Hudson Horror Show)
The evening was punctuated by a thrilled announcement from Bill Diamond and the great grandson of Lon Chaney Sr. They are producing and fundraising a new version of London After Midnight that will be taken from what little info can be gathered from the original, lost film. This is a truly cool thing for horror fans who have beckoned for this movie to be discovered which has as of yet been unsuccessfully recovered. Follow Chaney Entertainment for updates on this fundraising campaign

Much thanks to my friends at Hudson Horror Show for putting on such a thrilling show with a powerhouse cavalcade of movies that both stunned the audience and made them laugh nearly uncontrollably. HHS always balances their screenings allowing a mix of emotions which in turn creates a great lobby experience after each screening. It was great to catch up with friends and make some new ones (I won't list them all but you know who you are and I hold you all in the highest regard).

Make sure to go the Hudson Horror Show screening at the Alamo Drafthouse September 20th where they will be showing Tourist Trap and Tombs of the Blind Dead projected on 35mm!

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