Sunday, August 17, 2014

NEW RELEASE UPDATE: Dark Cove Hitting the Festival Circuit

Looks like the Canadians are taking us back to the woods. This time to go camping and get killed. Check out the trailer for Dark Cove. This one is about to hit the festival circuit and seems to have a big ol' shirtless baddie who looks like he's straight out of your favorite fighting game. 

Director/Writer Rob Willey has shot two shorts prior to this full length feature, Out of Your Head and Watch Yourself

Full release details, stills and trailer below.

Dark Cove

“Sex, drugs, murder…wanna go camping?”

Victoria, British Columbia – Director Rob Willey had a cast screening for the horror feature Dark Covein Victoria, B.C., this past July (2014). The event was sold out and was host to bouts of laughter and even a few shrieks. Now, Willey has completed the official trailer for the feature; the clip shows more of the gruesome fun that is in store for fans. As well, this title has been submitted to several film festivals, with a wide release expected soon.

The film involves five friends and a camping trip to a remote park. At the wooded locale, Ian (Eliot Bayne), Quinn (Willey), Jen (Montanna McNalley), Joey (Rob Abbate), and Donnie(Cameron Crosby) begin a night of partying. Hallucinogenic mushrooms lead to bad decisions and a confrontation. Soon, the group crosses a trio of Australian surfers and this night of fun turns into one of murder!

The official trailer for Dark Cove is here. Viewers can see director Willey as the character and party host Quinn. Another Victoria local, Ty Stokoe, is also seen as the ferocious surfer Chase. Fans of horror can see both characters conflict in this exciting, new trailer. Also, film fans will not have to wait long to see Dark Cove on the big screen as the film has been submitted to several film festivals around the world. The film festival run for the film will begin shortly.

The official trailer is here:

Release Date: 2014-15.
Director: Rob Willey.
Writers: Rob Willey, Dennis Willey.
Cast: Eliot Bayne, Rob Willey, MontannaMcNalley, Rodney Woods, James Anderson, Camerson Crosby, Rob Abbate and Alexandra Brown.

The film’s fan page is here:

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