Friday, August 8, 2014

NEW RELEASE UPDATE: Eli Roth's Green Inferno Release Delayed, September 5th Date Pulled Off the Menu

Some heartbreaking news came out of tonight who reported that Eli Roth's homage to Italian Cannibal films, Green Inferno has been taken off the menu for September 5th. This comes on the same day that I saw pictures of the poster in Cinemark theater's lobby. We will report more info as it comes about, but check out the full article from Deadline HERE for full details. They've got the full scoop and have written a comprehensive write up of the situation that goes well beyond The Green Inferno alone, so let's not say that it's because it's too gross or that the content of the movie had anything to do with it at this time. This seems like out and out movie business shit. 

We're hoping that a theatrical option isn't off the table entirely (it appears there still will be a theatrical screening). As a fan, I am absolutely beside myself. I missed a NYC showing within the last year and now this delay. 

From Eli Roth on Twitter:

"BREAKING: #TheGreenInferno off the menu for Sept … Everyone is working to solve this ASAP. Thank u for understanding!"

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  1. This Movie needs to come out ASAP! Please spread this petition to everyone who likes Eli Roth and/or creepy/horror movies. Thanks everyone! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter @Theinfernomustlive thanks! We need a release date!