Saturday, August 9, 2014

NEW RELEASE UPDATE: Killer Mermaid Comes to DVD September 9th

There are plenty of reasons vacations go bad. You gotta drive in the car with the kids, screaming and fighting. You lose your travelers checks. You get sick on the cruise boat. Or you accidentally discover the watery lair of a  KILLER MERMAID. Killer Mermaid is coming out from Epic Pictures September 9th and it looks as over the top as the title suggests. I don't expect a SyFy channel onslaught of computer graphics, but simply to read the synopsis you understand that we're dealing with a "watery lair of a killer mermaid hidden beneath an abandoned military fortress". Doesn't that sort of kind of feel like something you'd get in Cabin in the Woods?

Epic Pictures is responsible for V/H/S so at least there's a chance for this movie with a preposterous title and even crazier plot. It's got Franco Nero, so it's clearly worth the watch. Just check out his rad hat. Also the title was formally Nymph which was changed for the US release though I'm not sure if it's been changed worldwide at this point. 

Available on XBOX digital (exclusive August 26th) and DVD

Synopsis from Epic:

Two beautiful young women go on an exotic Mediterranean vacation and uncover the water lair of a killer mermaid hidden beneath an abandoned military fortress. What was once a carefree adventure becomes a deadly fight for survival. Starring Franco as Niko (Django), Kristina Klebe as Kelly (Rob Zombie's Halloween), Natalie Burn as Lucy (Expendables 3), and Drago Micanovic as Boban (Rocknrolla). 

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