Tuesday, August 12, 2014

NEW RELEASE UPDATE: Shockwaves Coming November 25th from Blue Underground on Blu-ray and DVD

Nazi. Zombies. What comes to mind when I put those two words together? Perhaps you're thinking about Dead Snow, but before there was a Norwegian gore, horror comedy  (now with a sequel) there was SHOCKWAVES. This is a classic entry in the zombie subgenre that expanded the reach of the undead during a period of extensive growth that saw everyone from Jess Franco to the father of modern zombies himself, George Romero, experiment with the archetype. Add the star power of John Carradine and Peter Cushing and this becomes a must see scare from 1977.

Blue Underground is giving it some very special treatment with a host of extras on both the DVD and Blu-ray releases not to mention limited edition embossed packaging that features the traditional cover art that is as iconic as any one sheet you could want to add to your collection. 

Full details on the release from Blue Underground below. Make sure to get your pre-order in now so that you can enjoy Shockwaves all winter long. Hell, you can even pair it with the modern entries in the Nazi Zombie subgenre to see the full evolution of the ultimate evil.

“A Masterpiece In The Genre Of Zombie Cinema...

Beneath The Living... Beyond The Dead... 
From The Depths of Hell’s Ocean!

In the dark days of World War II, the Nazi High Command ordered 
its scientists to create a top secret race of indestructible zombie 
storm troopers – un-living, unfeeling, unstoppable monstrosities 
that killed with their bare hands. They were known as The Death 
Corps. No member of this horrific SS unit was ever captured by 
the Allied Forces – and, somewhere off the coast of Florida, they 
have survived...


Peter Cushing

John Carradine

Brooke Adams

Blu-ray Item # BLU-BD-7049 • UPC: 827058704991 • SRP: $29.98 • Genre: Horror
Special Edition DVD Item # BLU-DV-1160 • UPC: 827058116091 • SRP: $19.98 • Not Rated

• The cult-classic Nazi Zombie hit returns in an all-new Special 
Edition Blu-ray & DVD!

• Brand new 2K High Definition master created from the only 
known surviving materials

• Full 1080p HD Resolution and DTS-HD Master Audio for the 
ultimate home theater experience

• Loaded with new Extras created especially for this release including:

• Audio Commentary with Co-Writer/Director Ken Wiederhorn, Make-Up Designer Alan Ormsby and Filmmaker Fred Olen Ray
• "Nazi Zombies On A Budget" – NEW Interview with Producer/Cinematographer Reuben Trane
• "Notes For The Undead" – NEW Interview with Composer Richard Einhorn
• "Sole Survivor" – NEW Interview with Star Brooke Adams
• "From FLIPPER To SHOCK WAVES" – Interview with Star Luke Halpin
• Theatrical Trailer
• TV Spot
• Radio Spots
• Poster & Still Gallery

"Limited Edition" Embossed O-Sleeve available on first pressing!

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