Sunday, August 17, 2014

NEW RELEASES: 2 Bedroom 1 Bath Coming to Theaters September 5th

In a movie that appears to be a hodge podge of different popular horror subgenres is coming to a very limited theatrical release in California. 2 Bedroom 1 Bath has a little bit of house haunting, a little urban legend, a little baby horror and a psychological mind bending.  Stanley Yung, who directed the feature Shadow Dancer, The Fabulous Miss Wendy’s music video “Crazy Fucked up Bitch,” Syfy Channel’s Black Scorpion TV series, and co-directed the feature Sting of the Black Scorpion, brings us something of a sorted mess of horror tropes and stereotypes that may or may not form a cohesive bond. 
My only fear with a release of this type is that it might try to be everything while never establishing one solid idea. It's almost as if they scripted the movie based on popular trends in horror rather than adapting an original narrative. On the plus side, this thing does have Dee Wallace and Eric Roberts in for at least a short bit. Is this little more than star-loading a film to attract and audience?  I'm not rushing out to book my flight to California just yet. 

Check out the trailer:

Here is the full press release with plot and casting details.

Al Bravo Studios and Chemical Mind Studios Announce the Release of

Home Sweet Home Becomes a Nightmare in this New Horror Film
by the Studio Behind The Wailer (La Llorona)

LOS ANGELES, CA (August 12, 2014) – Al Bravo Studios and Chemical Mind Studios have partnered to give horror fans a new thrill with their haunting new film 2 BEDROOM 1 BATH, coming to theaters on Friday, September 5th. Starring Michelle Hicks (Mullholland Drive, “The Shield”) and Andrew W. Walker (Steel Toes, Against the Wall), 2 BEDROOM 1 BATH is the chilling tale of a couple whose seemingly perfect dream home quickly becomes their nightmare.

This psychological thriller comes from the new voice in horror, Writer/Director Stanley Yung, Producer Al Bravo (The Chicago 8, The Wailer), and the independent studio that brought audiences the cult horror film The Wailer (La Llorona). As one ofHollywood’s most promising independent producers, Al Bravo creates films that explore a variety of genres, describing his approach as “American with a Latino touch.” His studio’s latest feature-length effort, 2 BEDROOM 1 BATH, will have a limited theatrical release in Los Angeles.

The film follows Rachel (Michelle Hicks) and Kevin Foster (Andrew W. Walker), a couple who have finally found the ideal apartment where they can build a future and raise their children. It’s a fresh start for their sometimes troubled marriage, but as they begin to settle into their new home, their plans are quickly interrupted. Strange occurrences in the apartment begin to invade Kevin’s dreams and challenge Rachel’s sanity. The hauntings are so terrorizing that Kevin is forced to delve into the history of their new home and he uncovers a shocking past that threatens to destroy his and Rachel’s future.

Co-starring Eric Roberts (The Expendables, The Dark Knight), Costas Mandylor (Saw series), and Dee Wallace (The Howling, E.T.), this ghostly tale shows that there is no turning back once you unleash the evils of the past. In 2 BEDROOM 1 BATH, a young couple’s dream of “happily-ever-after” turns into a horrifying nightmare.

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