Saturday, August 2, 2014

REVIEW: BLOKE'S TERRIBLE TOMB OF TERROR #10 - Creepy Sci-Fi, Underwater Horror and MORE

Boils and ghouls, the Bloke has done it again. Issue #10 is hot off the presses having just been released in July celebrating three years of the Bloke! For those of you who are unfamiliar with The Bloke's Terrible Tomb of Terror, it is an anthology horror comic that mimics some of our favorite magazines of yesteryear with original stories by The Bloke himself (Jason Crawley). Think of books like Creepy, Eerie or the William M. Gaines classics... Tales from the Crypt, Haunt of Fear or Vault of Horror. Each issue features an amazing, Frazetta-like cover and black and white interiors. The stories are generally horror, science fiction and dark fantasy. I've head the pleasure to review quite a few of these releases and have had a great time with each. I'm a fan of horror comics though I am admittedly unaware of most new mags. We're working on that ever so slowly (Check out Afterlife with Archie). This book makes me feel like I'm reading older comicbooks from the 50's, 60's and 70's that have just been discovered today. For the most part, computerized-looking artwork has been kept out of most issues though it does appear from time to time.

You can pick up all the Bloke's offerings here:

Let's dig into issue #10. There's some great stories in here written and illustrated by the usual band of Bloke favorites. Remember that each issue contains pinups, mail and pictures from conventions with some of his readers.

PARASITES - features a classic moral tale with an original spin when a group of astronauts find themselves stuck on a planet and must try to live of the land to survive only there not the only ones in need of a sustenance and oh... the planet has a secret. Classic Sci-Fi artwork gives way to a nice reveal at the end. Some pretty cool alien create designed featured in this one.

EXTERMINATE - oh how this one got me good. It's one of the best stories in the book. A group of space wanderers on a ship find that there ship is infested with some kind of vermin that may threaten their very survival. Can they get rid of the infestation before it's too late? I love the look of the suits in this one. I think you'll enjoy the classic Sci-Fi appeal, but I warn you that the entirely too ordinary story takes an amazing turn.

ONE BOYS QUEST - a boy must fight for his life against a world of monsters and wizards in a medieval setting that is straight out of Dungeons and Dragons. I love the story here though the artwork tends to feel a bit busy. Each frame is rich and thoughtful but crowded. This one finished off nicely.

BENEATH THE SURFACE - I love this moral tale, and I love the sea creatures featured within. A couple goes diving and a discovers a wealth of treasure below the surface as well as a whole new society protecting it. Will their greed get the better of them? Will they escape with their lives? The artwork in this story is beautiful and perfect. The create creation is a little Lovecraft, a little Creature from the Black Lagoon and a little The Gate.

COPYCAT - if you could copy a loved one on their death bed, would you do it if you could? That's the question posed by Copycat, a sad tale of true love and the inability to let go. Bring a tissue box for this one. Definitely an emotive story.

Remember that Bloke's Terrible Tomb of Terror is available in both print editions and PDF. The print editions are very handsome. They make brilliant collector's edition. Hey, and if you can make it to a convention you might be able to get the Bloke to sign one up for you.

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