Wednesday, August 20, 2014

REVIEW: Cabin Fever - Patient Zero (Blu-ray Image) - Third Time's A Gore

The original Cabin Fever from Eli Roth is one of the few movies that makes my stomach turn. Not much. Just a little. If I was eating Chinese food while watching Cabin Fever I might stop eating Chinese food. I love the makeup and the practical effects. They really get me good and embody some kind of half disgusto/half fun as Hell that is distinctly Roth, perhaps the thing that makes me enjoy each of his pictures. The follow up sequel, Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever was a complete let down with only one notable exception, the opening credits were good, animated fun. It featured a regurgitated story, uninspired effects and was just plain boring. Needless to say that after enjoying the original and then seeing  a sequel of this kind, I wasn't exactly excited to check out a third one. Then came Cabin Fever Patient Zero which focuses on the origin of the disease featured in the previous installments in the series, and represents a step in the right direction, creating some very memorable gore sequences and developing a plot about which I actually care.

Synopsis from Image/Fandango:

A group of adventurous young friends on a trip to the Caribbean decide to explore a secluded island, where they unleash a highly contagious, flesh-eating virus after swimming in contaminated water, and exploring a research facility that houses a terrifying secret.

The gore is back! That's what I wanted to see. I wanted to see faces and bodies feel, muscle torn from skeleton like human chicken wings on football Sunday. I wanted to see decay happen before my eyes. Practical effects. Practical fun and funny effects and action sequences that made me laugh while being disgusted. That's what Patient Zero has given me. I had the chance to enjoy this sometime back and was equally impressed upon my second viewing. The effects that you'll love will be even funnier or raunchier the second time around. Now don't get me wrong. They aren't better than the original picture that had a nice balance of humor, atmosphere and gore to convey some creepy ideas. Patient Zero lacks that atmosphere and goes straight for the guts. The effects and makeup will look fake at times, but that almost adds to its appeal.

The story is a nice way to introduce us to the origins of this crazy, mega viral contagion. Do we need an explanation? No. Do we get one that works and suffices to help facilitate our need for a new gore picture? Absolutely. If Eli Roth is one of the original purveyors of this crazy thing called "torture porn" than this is the son of torture porn. It isn't a perfect copy or evolution, but you can still see that it has some of the same features and genetic traits.

Be prepared to see Sean Astin in a gore picture. Also, be prepared to second guess that vacation to the islands.

This is disc looks friggin' beautiful, and the only criticism I have is that we get nothing the realm of extra features. While I realize that they cost money and this isn't the first movie in the series, an effects featurette would have sold me completely. Even in the absence of extras I recommend this to gore hounds, fans of torture porn, fans of the original and folks who are looking to have the third movie redeem the franchise name. There basic original story gives way to some juicy gore. Great for large groups of sugar high individuals or the slightly inebriated.

Order Cabin Fever Patient Zero now. Available September 2nd.

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