Tuesday, August 19, 2014

REVIEW: Grindhouse Trailer Classics Volume 1 (Intervision DVD)

Okay okay okay... this is the first step. Admitting you have a problem. I am... a trailer reel junkie. Goddamn I love trailers. I mean I will watch hours of them and barely care to watch the full releases just so long as the trailer gave me that two to three minute music video length excitement. Maybe I have a short attention span. Maybe it's because I love to see all the good bits packed into such a short time frame like some kind of strange mondo porn that features ever sex act in less than a minute. I'll say it again, unashamed. I love trailer reels, and we have a new one from Intervision that absolutely fucking gets the job done. Grindhouse Trailer Classics from Intervision is the US release of the Nucleus release out of the UK. These are the same folks who put out both Video Nasty documentaries (The Definitive and Draconian Days). 

From Intervision:

The quality shows and what I mean by that, in the best way possible, is that these trailers were left perfectly flawed with damage and dust, scratches and burns. They resemble the very essence of 42nd Street during the 70's and 80's and epitomize what it means to refer to something as a Grindhouse release. The disc features 55 movie trailers that can be viewed in sequence or picked from a list. Believe it or not I don't want to tell you what you'll find in the way of trailers on this release. I decided recently that I want to promote the surprise inside; when you buy a trailer reel it is the pleasure of the viewer to learn what trailers lurk underneath the sheath of plastic coding. If anyone wants to know if a specific rare trailer is on the disc, let me know. I'd be glad to help... of you could just buy it. 

The disc also features a poster gallery of classic grindy, grimy posters from the movie trailers featured on the disc. Now I know I love trailer reels and trailers and the marathoning them, but what I'm going to tell you may shock you. My favorite part of the Grindhouse Trailer Classics disc is the Bump N' Grind featurette that features hottie Brit Emily Booth talking about the history of Grindhouse cinema. A. She's remarkably attractive, and I mean that from both a "she's very beautiful I like to watch her talk to me on the TV" and B. I think she's absolutely on my star crush list, please do the Bump N' Grind featurette again with less clothes on... like the naked news in Russia. (Yes, I am a perve. Yes, I'm comfortable with that). Please feature her on more featurettes. This should be an informative introduction to the world of 42nd Street and to movies that disturb us while making us have a ruckus good time. It's filled to the brim with naughty language and strange, violent sexual innuendos. 

If you like movies about Nazi Torturesses, strange Italian slasher films, women in prison features and Swedish starlets getting revenge, you'll love this disc. The majority of the trailers are well known by most fans of this era and genre, but it's nice to have them all in one place. My only hope is that watching a release like this will prompt more interest in this kind of cinema, create better horror fans and inspire new filmmakers to make both faux trailers and Grindhouse horror pictures. Bring back The Deuce!

The best part about this release is that it is part of a series in the UK which means we could easily see Intervision put out the other editions that have a ton of great material, amazing cover art and are like eight balls to this trailer reel junkie.

You can order Grindhouse Trailer Classics. Available now!

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