Friday, August 15, 2014

REVIEW: PEEKARAMA - Tropic of Desire/ Fantasy World (Vinegar Syndrome DVD) - Midnight Special

If this Peekarama edition has one word that would define it, unified and perhaps even create a subgenre for it, it would be Hawaii. That may be mostly attributed to Tropic of Desire which is a period piece from WWII stationed on a tropical island. Fantasy World on the other hand isn't exactly part of the island paradise vibe of the first feature, but there is a certain sense of isolationism in going to a club with a group of friends to bone mysteriously. I suppose learning that Bob Chinn was from Hawaii might be to blame for the tropical or isolated focus.  Bob Chinn started his career in 1970 with porn and continued working in the medium until 2003 with a series of movies involving Nick Grande (which you know because Nick Grande is in all the titles). Most of his movies revolve around a fantasy actualized or a location that must be sexified. Vinegar Syndrome, if it all possible I need to see Hot and Saucy Pizza Girls as soon as a transfer can be performed. Both of our releases come from 1979.

On to the smut.


From Vinegar Syndrome - In director Bob Chinn’s lavish period melodrama, Georgina Spelvin stars as a madam at a tropical island-bound brothel, serving weary sailors at the close of WWII.

You know how I say that some of these movies have great stories. Solid plots that fit into the adult nature of the movie well. Tropic of Desire's ratio of sex to story seems a bit off and this time it's due to an overbearing story line that seems to drag on through the movie rather than punctuated important non-sexy moments. It's a period piece which seems ultimately novel the adult industry. Who wants to spend money to create set pieces or costuming? Of course in this picture those items may simply have been available.

The other rub on this particular disc is that the initial filming was closer to C or Z grade rather than B. When a movie drags on for too long or at least feels long and then can't even accept lovingly the transfer from Vinegar Syndrome, it may not fit outside of a one time watch to see World War II porn.


From Vinegar Syndrome - Two groups of friends find their way to mysterious club in San Francisco where bizarre sexual fantasies become surreal reality.

This is the one you aren't expecting to have the shit it has. The production value is identical to Tropic of Desire and the overall tone is long, drawn out and actually doesn't seem to have much of story at all in complete juxtaposition of Tropic Desire.

Where Fantasy World will get you is in the last moments of the movie. The actors are watching strange film of sex acts that are clearly inserted to startle the audience. The old smoking vagina bit! Not that again. Where as Tropic of Desire just walked along, somewhat uninteresting with minimal payoff, at least Fantasy World feels like it was trying to wow you.

Maybe this was meant to have some connection to Fantasy Island. San midgets or planes for that matter.

+ Dual-Layer DVD-9 | Region Free | 16:9 Anamorphic | MONO
+ Scanned in 2k from 35mm original negatives
+ Original theatrical trailers for both titles

This is not my favorite of the recent Peekarama pictures, but it clearly has merit. Bob Chinn was making movies after all and not just fuck marathons. Also I think the Tropic of Desire poster with all the leafy greens is quite nice. Not creative, just pleasing to the eye.

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