Sunday, August 24, 2014

REVIEW: President Wolfman (Wild Eye Relesaing) - Commander in Wolf

You see a trailer for a thing. You know the concept and how it is put together. You know that it's going to make you laugh, but I suppose the real question is how hard is it going to make you laugh? President Wolfman coming to you from Wild Eye Releasing has adopted a sort of cut and paste technique of older footage to create one cohesive story line that has all the hallmarks of a Mystery Science Theater 3000 romp without copycatting or shorting the audience. While they've applied the technique of using older footage to create a new movie, dubbed with all the hilarity of your favorite Kaiju picture, it actually feels like one solid movie. It's absolutely worth picking up for fans of 50's horror or fans of movie-riffing.

Synopsis from Wild Eye:

Meet John Wolfman - politician, single parent and werewolf. A man whose (hairy) hands are definitely full. Not only is he trying to stop his opponents from selling the US to China (by way of the controversial CHIMERICA Bill), but also solve a series of grizzly murders in the capitol. Add to this a crazed Mad Scientist, Smokey the Bear, a Miss Teen Beauty Pageant and a race against time to save his 8 year old son Bobby Wolfman from a murderous Vice President, and you have a movie that will keep you howling. Made entirely from recycled, stock & public domain footage with a newly scripted, scored & re-voiced soundtrack with enhanced visuals and post production. You've simply never seen anything like it before. From the makers of Pervert! and Sex Galaxy.

Now here's the real question going forward: Can these filmmakers create a new movie using the same technique, but making it a bit more serious. I'm not talking about Citizen Fucking Kane. I mean a movie that is both humorous and horrifying in a more perfect balance. President Wolfman clearly works as a comedy or a spoof of 1950's horror picture but with modern jokes. This creation reminds me of how some filmmakers like George Romero use library music (music not originally created for a movie but is rather compiled into a database for use) or movie like Night Train to Terror which are more original "Frankensteined" pictures in their own right. The cut and paste technique of puzzling together scenes feels almost like a neo William Burroughs effort or a full length music video concept. 

You can order President Wolfman now. Available August 26th. I strongly recommend you do. Support novelty horror like this, get a laugh, share with your friends and hopefully we'll get other efforts in this same style. Wild Eye Releasing has been stepping up as of late. I am very impressed with this offering and some of their other recent flicks.

WHAT A TAG LINE... Hail to the Teeth! 

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