Tuesday, August 5, 2014

REVIEW: Thanatomorphose (Unearthed Films DVD) - Rot Till You Drop

When I was a kid I had this issue of Heavy Metal that had this great regular strip called The Museum (I believe). Each segment would feature a creepy guy curating a museum of oddities. One oddity was a jar filled with human body parts...expendable things like nails and hair... skin... The story followed a person who became obsessed with saving every part of himself in jars. Nails. Hair. Excrement. Piss. It just piled up into a massive hoarders heaven of human leavings. Finally the collector was institutionalized. When I first saw the trailer for Thanatamorphose, this segment in Heavy Metal came to mind. After watching Eric Faladeau's work, I can say that it went beyond my expectations to truly deliver both on an emotional level as well as a solid practical effect offering and replaced a childhood memory with a viscous practical effect mounted assault on my own body (because I had to keep checking to see what was still left)

Synopsis from Unearthed Films:

One day, a young and beautiful girl wakes up and finds her flesh rotting.

DOCTOR'S NOTE: And that's all you need to know about that!

Definition of Thanatomorphose (because you know you've been asking) from Unearthed:

A French word meaning the visible signs of an organism's decomposition caused by death.

Please do not mistake this for a feel good movie. Some gore movies can be feel good movies. Thanatamorphose is just brutal from both an emotional angle as well as a tremendous capacity to give you the heebie jeebies. Each progression as the woman in question rots along takes a strong stomach to handle. Is it the grossest thing I've ever seen? Well, it didn't quite give me that yellowed fatty tissue of an autopsy vibe, but there are moments especially in the end that will turn your stomach like a cage spinning bingo balls. Let's just say it will get the job done and the effects creators should be as commended as the female lead for a job well done.

If you dug Contracted and could stomach that, then you're going to enjoy Thanatomorphose though admittedly Thanatamorphose goes farther. It is a quiet picture and at times you'll want more of a detailed analysis of what exactly is going on (you'll want to play doctor), but you won't get a good explanation. If you can be comfortable living without that explanation than this is a great effects and makeup trip for you. The strong performance by Émile Beaudry.

Extras include a making of feature, the 2012 Stiges Interview, trailers and contains three short films: Coming Home. La Petite Mort. Purgatory.

Enjoy seeing a sexy girl on screen. Then watch her rot on screen. Oooo. Awe. Then feel kinda bad. Then when it's all over and you see the outcome say "Cool" and watch it again. I loved this movie. I've never been so happy to see something so horrible happen to someone so pretty.


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