Monday, August 25, 2014

REVIEW/NEW RELEASE UPDATE: Spine Chillers from Sam Haynes

Sam Haynes has put out some damn good horror music. Typically when I think of his stuff it usually comes in the context of mood music for Halloween or perhaps a dedicated track from your haunt. It's perfectly built to create atmosphere and assist in your spook. Sam has given us something new to appreciate just in time for the Halloween season. This time it jumps out of the background and demands your attention. The full release hits September 13th and it's filled with the kind of music you need to listen to during the holiday season. 

First off, I totally dig this cover. The creepy trick or treaters absolutely work and combines some classic creep images into one drippy amalgam.

What starts off as an electronic mood album quickly builds into square wave glitch haunt fest. I almost get the same feeling and build that one might find in a Cradle of Filth album. While it may be great background music, Spine Chillers has more defined and consistent melodies that bring it to the forefront. Imagine the hook from your favorite horror movie and then insert it into a larger body of music, not sampled but in the same style as. I heard Philip Glass's Candyman in Spine Chillers. The early part of the album feels more like Sam Haynes older work while the end of the album builds into something more driven. No lyrics. Just sound concepts.

Most of the titles of the tracks are either based on Halloween-ish exploits or taken from horror films though that was not necessarily the intent of Sam, it's simply an observation. Night Caller could easily reference the Twilight Zone episode by the same name while Pumpkin Carver clearly echos the upcoming Halloween season.

Details on how to purchase this upcoming album below. Make sure to give it and other Sam Haynes releases a chance to scare you especially if you are a fan of electronic horror music or want to explore a tune outside the horror punk genre that seems to dominate horror music.

Full release notes from Sam Haynes:

On September 13th, Sam Haynes will release his fourth studio album, and second album of 2014 "Spine Chillers." This is Sam's third Halloween themed lp and features dark electro horror instrumental music and ambient orchestral soundtrack music designed to give the listener maximum chills. Sam's music is influenced by classic 70's and 80s horror music including composers such as John Carpenter, Alan Howarth and Simon Boswell. The album has references to great horror icons, Zombies, Serial Killers, Ghosts, Carnival Clowns and creepy lullabies all make an appearance.

The CD artwork features original Halloween themed artwork from reknowned horror artist Kachenstein. Listeners will hear the influence of the of classic 70's and 80's horror, each song is designed to create an atmosphere. Sam's music is used by Theme Parks and Horror movie producers worldwide to create chills and atmosphere. Welcome to the Horror Show, Sam's 2013 album recently won a Frightee award for Best Halloween Song.

The new album not only provides a dark menacing atmosphere for haunted attractions and horror movies, it contains 19 unique and original Halloween songs that build on the traditional Halloween haunt music themes.

The CD will is available for pre-order now and will be released on September 13th. Haunt Music will be releasing a limited edition black CD which can also be pre-ordered and Anyone pre-ordering the album will be entered into a draw to win the entire Sam Haynes back catalogue and Halloween treats!

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