Friday, August 15, 2014

REVIEWS: Purely Physical/Cathouse Fever (Vinegar Syndrome DVD) - Midnight Special

If the Vinegar Syndrome was going to put out an 80's sex comedy double feature this might be it. While neither film is quite as funny as Porkys or Meatballs or Screwballs there are clearly elements that prevail in both that will give you a good laugh while showing plenty of skin. This edition of Peekarama features Purely Physical and Cathouse Fever directed by Chris Warfield. Warfield has acted in a quite a few adult features, but only directed 13 or so pictures. These two come back to back in 1982 and 1984 respectively with only one other film coming afterward, Sounds of Sex. He directed most of his work under the name Billy Thornberg.  Before we begin our discussion of each movie, if you're a fan of early 80's sexy comedies with the somewhat faulty production always the perfect excuse to bare it all then this will make a nice edition to your collection whether your hardcore fan or simply into the boobs and the jokes.


From Vinegar Syndrome - A young woman accepts a job as the night clerk at a seedy motel and soon discovers that the motel caters almost exclusively to sexual deviants.

This is as far from Norman Bates as seedy motels get. It's really probably like Vincent's Motel from Motel Hell (not the Motel Hello mind you, the place the kinky couple mistake Farmer Vincent's establishment for). The framing story carries on well throughout, consistently providing narrative and cause for the highly entertaining sex scenes in between.

Laura Lazare is very professional as a desk clerk and stunning to boot. The film features a nice level of tension as we wait to see our leading lady let down her facade to get down to fuck.

Production value for this feature is at or just below the typical B grade sex comedies of the period, and looks great on this transfer. It feels like superb 80's porn shot on film.


From Vinegar Syndrome - Three college coeds who are having trouble paying their tuitions, turn to prostitution to help foot their bills but soon find themselves loving their wild sexual encounters.

When the dork gets laid you know it's the 80's. I know that Revenge of the Nerds was hitting it big, but from New Wave Hookers to movies like Cathouse Fever, the dorky guy gets his wang wet. Just an observation and not a judgement. 

Unlike Purely Physical this second installment relies less on the wrap scenes encasing the hardcore action and more on the novelty of each sexual act. That doesn't mean we're watching anything stranger than your typical five sex scene shot check list (you know the ones), but it's the attire and person of each film star that stands out. When adult film actors take off their clothes and shed their created personality, that really turns me off. Not so in Cathouse Fever.

+ Dual-Layer DVD-9 | Region Free | 16:9 Anamorphic | MONO
+ Scanned in 2k from 35mm original negatives
+ Original theatrical trailers for both titles

The disc looks perfectly early 80's. The cover art for this, the posters for the films, are somewhat generic though moderately hot. You can tell that the adult film industry is moving away from the cinematic experience, but Chris Warfield held on for just a few more pictures before his career in the director's seat ended.

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