Friday, August 15, 2014

REVIEWS: The Ultimate Pleasure/I am Always Ready (Vinegar Syndrome DVD) - MIDNIGHT SPECIAL

Move out to the coast with a shit load of money and fuck John Holmes all day long. Find a bunch of money and save your marriage with some kinky sexcapades. This is what Vinegar Syndrome does. Classic double features with clever tie-ins and filled with stars (or stars being filled as the case may be). Enter our newest Peekarama with The Ultimate Pleasure and I Am Always Ready. Both features are directed by Carlos Tobalina who is responsible for quite an extensive adult film offering. Just so we're clear, this is the guy behind the now infamous Jungle Blue. You know the one. The adult feature with the ape schtupping that nice young lady. Yeah that guy. Let's just say that Tobalina knows how to direct a movie with imagination. Nothing like Sexual Kung Fu in Hong Kong or even Pulsating Flesh. That's not to say that Tobalina directs movies that are parodies of porn or even genre porn. When it comes down to each of these offerings feels similar, both good, but perhaps formulaic.


From Vinegar Syndrome:

A young couple, trapped in a loveless marriage, visit a renowned psychiatrist as an attempt to rekindle their sex life.

This is my favorite on the disc with star power like John Holmes (as Guy #5 in Line) and Paul Thomas to back it up. Paul Thomas earned my respect in Friday the 13th: A Nude Beginning, one of the first adult films I had the pleasure to watch which satisfied both my horror sensibilities and my upcoming Amber Lynn fetish. With The Ultimate Pleasure we have a more standardized porn flick that seem to play around with a couples sexual experimentation, rebuilding their love for each other (couples therapy with other people in the sack). The wrap story as I would call it that sets the stage for the sex is quite enjoyable if not somewhat depressing is quite cinematic. 

Of course once the bedding sneaks into play and we get down to the "point" of the movie I'm afraid we're stuck with some sexy women and a lack of that perfectly wonderful and workable story line that opens and closes the movie so well. It's a good watch though with some slow moments punctuated by perfect hardcore. The kind you're used to from 1977.


From Vinegar Syndrome:

A young and wealthy woman fulfills her wildest fantasy: to appear in X rated films and to have sex with John Holmes!

Where as some movies simply star John Holmes it isn't often that the point of the entire plot of a feature is to have sex with Holmes. That's what we have in I Am Always Ready. Where The Ultimate Pleasure relies on a plot that may be near and dear to our heart (saving a sexually frustrated marriage), I Am Always Ready is a tale of pure fantasy involving wealth and the pursuit of THE COCK, worn by Mr. Holmes. 

There's simply not much to it meandering from scene to see in strange swinger style orgies as we watch a woman wind her way up through the porn industry ranks to get her dong. Tobalina seems to take a similar approach in both The Ultimate Pleasure and this feature where he focuses minimally on his set up, only tossing us a nice cinematic set piece to get straight to the fucking. From fuck to finish, it may be satisfying sex, but you wish that Tobalina would carry that story a bit further through the picture. I suppose that depends on what you want out of your adult feature. Plot or used tissues.

Disc Features:

+ Dual-Layer DVD-9 | Region Free | 16:9 Anamorphic | MONO
+ Scanned in 2k from 35mm Original Camera Negatives
+ Original theatrical trailers for both films

Both of the posters are beautiful for this one, similar to Jungle Blue in fact. Pretty illustrated works of seductive scantily clad women. Simply beautiful. The overall presentation is nice and the film preserves the 1970's aesthetic while still feeling like a 2k transfer.

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