Friday, August 15, 2014

THE BLOOD BUCKET CHALLENGE For Scares That Care! Make a Donation and Have a Bloody Good Time.

So I did the Ice Bucket Challenge with my wife the other day. We kissed. We doused ourselves in a bucket filled with ice and water. It was good fun and at the end of it we donated some money to ALS Foundation. Not a bad way to spend an afternoon, but it got me thinking. Other charities could use the "bucket boost", and the horror community has more than a few worthy charities accepting donations. Furthermore I started thinking about what else I could put in that bucket to make it more "DOCTERROR".

Here's my Blood Bucket Challenge Video including my challenge to three fellow writers at the end.

Blood + Bucket = Challenge. You take a bucket and fill it with blood and guts and disgusting things you clearly don't want dumped on your head. These would make the Prom scene in carry look like a relaxing shower (not the shower at the beginning of Carrie however). Then you dump it on your head on camera stating your purpose. In this case we you would you doing the Blood Bucket Challenge or Bucket of Blood Challenge in honor of Scares That Care! (read more about them below). Then you challenge three sick maniacs to do the same or they will be required under the governing law of the "Dare" to donate $100 to Scares That Care. Simple as that. Post video on the web. Tag some folks. Spread the word and make sure to donate regardless.
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Things to note. We wanted to make this a surprise for Scares That Care!. This doesn't have their endorsement, but we hope it benefits them. They are one of my favorite charities, horror or otherwise with the best hearts. Also note that I was going to do this whole thing to Raining Blood by Slayer, but since I'm posting on YouTube I didn't want them to sensor the video even if the music was just in the background (they love to do this to me even when the video is of me dancing with my daughter to 50's songs). Also, I didn't use real blood (if you couldn't tell). This is supposed to be fun. Get creative with your gory, soupy mess.

Enjoy the video. See who I challenged at the end of the video. Make a donation. Help sick kids and women fighting breast cancer. And of course keep giving to the ALS Foundation as well. Do both challenges! COMBINE THEM!

Here's a bit about Scares That Care!:

A 501(c)(3) all volunteer charity. Help sick kids and women fighting Breast Cancer.

Each year, we will raise and donate $10,000 to a Children's charity, or to help a family who has a sick child or a woman fighting Breast Cancer. More importantly, the charity will receive every single cent of the money we raise.

"Scares That Care!" is a Non-profit organization dedicated to uniting horror fans to help sick kids, and women fighting Breast Cancer. Please note, we do not work with independent filmmakers to promote films.

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Photos from my Blood Bucket Challenge.

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