Friday, September 5, 2014

GIVEAWAY: Prime Your Pump For October with DAY OF THE DEAD on Blu-ray From Scream Factory

I recently teased a new giveaway that involved a somewhat unconventional title for the Halloween season. That title is Day of the Dead. How does it relate to our beloved season? Simple. In one of the opening scenes,  Laurie Cardille as Sarah is in a concrete bunker. Just before a big ol' zombie jump scare to rival all living dead jump scares, Sarah stares at a calender displaying the month of October, the image on the calender of a serene pumpkin patch. This calender has stuck with me since I was a kid watching this classic Romero flick on the USA Network. That's how it ties into autumn and Halloween.

So how do you win this awesome release featuring some fantastic extras including one gigantic making of feature? You like the Doc Terror and Liberal Dead Facebook pages, and you share our most recent Halloween TV Schedule article on Facebook or Twitter or on any media site, message board or social network. Drop me an email at with the title Day of the Dead and make sure to include your name and address as well as how you shared the article.

There is also an instant win option. The instant win option is to supply  me with the calender used in Day of the Dead (either reproduction or original). Not the original necessarily because that would be insane. Just the same edition calender or one you manufacture yourself.  If it costs money to purchase let me know how much it costs prior to purchasing it and I'll simply reimburse you for it or buy it myself. This is first come first serve on the instant option.

Good luck to the winner. We will run this through October 1st.

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