Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Godzilla (Blu-ray Review) - Bring the Big Guy Home!

We're back to discuss the big guy. Godzilla. This time on Blu-ray. I have enjoyed this movie quite a few times both on the big screen and now at home. It holds up to the change in size, and if anything I have enjoyed this one more with each viewing as I'm offered a chance to seek out new easter egg tidbits of Godzilla's history or a second look at some of the amazing effects. The Blu-ray itself comes with a batch of "historical" videos that feature a look at some of the videos afforded us in the credit sequence and throughout the full length movie. They've been fleshed out and in tact. This is a fun extra but doesn't exactly give us the historical presence I would like to see in a feature about a monster with so much history. The making of featurettes are fine and provide a look at the computer generated creature and landscape creation. A nice touch.

As far the content of the movie and my reaction...
Basic premise. Giant Monsters! Some of you call them Kaiju; some of you are starting to become too hipster to do that. Figure out what you want to call them and stick with it for fucksake. Uh, so where was I? Premise. Eh, go see the movie. It's a Godzilla movie. That is for certain. This ain't no Matthew Broderick shit. I think even Matthew is going to go see this and smack himself for making that ungod(zilla)ly picture. You know in a way I got lucky because I must've been doing something pretty damn good to not go see that damn movie in the theater back in 1998. I suffered through the end on cable only recently though I remember the soundtrack having some merit. I like to think of myself as fortunate. That cum wad of a film isn't THIS movie. This is a Godzilla movie, and it watches like a Godzilla movie but takes itself more seriously. While the whole thing is fleshed out brilliantly with back story and shockingly emotive character development as well as a real concern with laying down some historic precedent, it tends to feel long at times. You want the damn thing to get up and go but it tricky trots around the people instead of the big guys. You may have heard that the Godzilla doesn't get enough screen time. I urge the people who say that to go watch any Godzilla movie. Any of them! He's on the screen plenty.
Let's address some key issues (it's after 1am, I wanted to get this out while it's fresh and I'm running out of synonyms for Kaiju).

-Godzilla is not fat. Fuck off. Also, he looks outstanding save for some CG styling that I will point out to my dying day for any movie, good, bad or computer generated. Godzilla looks good. The end. Maybe you're projecting your own weight problem on to the big screen? Don't let my own computer generated monster opinion think that I'm putting down the big guy.
-Score is appropriate. This isn't a nu metal fest with Linkin Park at the helm.
-Tame on the violence. Tamer than friggin the original Rodan. Plenty of destruciton though and all of that looks just incredible. For all the shit I give computer artistry of living creatures, cities getting mauled by giant monsters looks fan-fucking-tastic. Good part about the tame violence? Kids will probably dig it. Bring a puppy training bad. They'll probably piss themselves when big G roars.
-All your cast are fine. Cranston is awesome. Olsen good. Aaron Taylor-Johnson starts to make the whole feel like a Michael Bay movie, but pulls up just in time to save the whole thing. That brings me to that itching familiarity I had. Godzilla kinda feels like a Michael Bay Transformers picture. Kind of. In formula. That's the modern way though, right? Does it make me like this any less? Nope. I liked the original Transformers Bay picture, but I hope a sequel would venture off that equation. I wouldn't let it detract you from enjoying the movie, but I'm quite certain that some diehards are going to feel that it betrays their dogma. Look I've been watching Godzilla since I first saw Godzilla 1985 during Creature Feature Week. I'm not a dictionary of the gorilla whale, but I'm not going to say that it scoffs at all the canon. It is trying delicately to push the envelope and develop Godzilla.
- The first half of the movie is solid with a lull during the third quarter with a marvelous finish. Very strong. Drink coffee ahead of time to pre-race your heart.
-The scope of the movie is entirely in the Pacific Ocean and parts there on. Thank fuck. Madison Square Garden can stay home to just the Knicks and the Rangers for now.

-I almost cried twice. I won't say why, but I do have a heart (rat semen... say it if you feel a tear coming on).
-The movie seems to recognize the original movie at the very least and the original appearance of Godzilla in 1954. I think that's important to fans. It does not pulls a Texas Chainsaw 3D timewarp peril.
I am giving a strong recommendation for you to see it. To enjoy the hype for it will be met with adequate response from the screen. To learn what a MUTO is and how one might remind you of more recent non-Zilla Kaiju monster. Big screen. Bigger screen. 3-D. 3-Don't. Bring your kids (tell them to behave). Watch a REAL Godzilla picture on the big screen then go buy some of the groovy Blu-rays that have hit the shelves recently and remember how to be entertained. The King of the Monsters has the floor.

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  1. I had mixed feelings about this movie. It is definitely a well-made movie, (way better than the ’98 version), Cranston’s character was great, but should have been developed more, it just seemed like he was an extended cameo. I enjoyed how the movie turned Godzilla into a sort of anti-hero towards the end. Although one big allure to these movies in general is seeing a giant monster destroying a metropolis. It’s fun to watch. However, it was a flavor that was lacking a bit in this one, probably budgetary restrictions. But this movie did enough to justify a sequel that I’d watch.