Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Grave Halloween (Anchor Bay DVD)

I find the title Grave Halloween to be somewhat misleading or at least it doesn't feel like it belongs with this movie. When I put Halloween in the title I want trick or treating and candy and costumes and decorations and... Halloween. Grave Halloween is a good movie though not always perfect and has some very stereotypical moments that can pull you completely out of the picture. It's worth at least one watch because it feels original. This should be especially satisfying for those of you looking for an original horror movie that doesn't rely on every trope in the book (though it does find time to pay homage to the idiot kids in slasher movies).  This director put out the remake of I Spit on Your Grave, a movie I truly enjoyed.

Flaws: There's some found footage here. It's actually tolerable, and I didn't find it distracting which it often can be. The acting is half and half pairing a few choice players with a group of perfect slasher stereotypes. The problem here is that these comic relief/killer bait folks just pull you out of the very real creepy that is Grave Halloween. Moments of this picture are confusing. There are quick jumps in story line that are clearly explained but only after five minutes of painful head scratching.

Strengths: This movie has an original story with excellent atmosphere taking place in a unique location. Most of the actors are good. Plenty of gruesome moments. This has a distinctly J-horror but only in small, manageable doses. I'm not a huge fan of Asian horror pictures, but the way these elements are used in Grave Halloween are sparing and actually quite refreshing when combined with the back story.

It's worth one watch, and if you enjoy that maybe you'll pick it up. Don't expect Halloween movie. Do expect a creepy, suicide woods dumping ground. Grave Halloween is a "kids go into the woods movie".

Grave Halloween is available to order now. Releases September 30th.

From Anchor Bay:

In the film, Kaitlyn Leeb (Wrong Turn 4, Total Recall) stars as Maiko, a college student whose mother, years earlier, took her own life in the infamous “Suicide Forest.” Now leading a student documentary film crew, Maiko hopes to shed light not only on this infamous cultural landmark, but also bring some closure to her own inner demons sprung from her tragic past. Soon the entire group realizes that their hunt for the truth is now coming after them, in a fight for survival against those who may have died in the Suicide Forest, but never left it.

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