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MIDNIGHT REVIEW: Peekarama Big 3 Unit Show - Cry For Cindy, Touch Me and Act of Confession (Vinegar Syndrome)

Vinegar Syndrome has given us a healthy dose of multi-feature smut over the last year. Now they've released a three way feature of adult cinema that runs the gamut and strays from historical important to the perfect exploitation of the innocent. Inside you'll get a little Larry Flynt, some nuns and a nipple begging to be free (or at least left alone). The Peekarama - Big 3 Unit Show is a triple teaser, all from Anthony Spinelli.

With over one hundred films to his name Spinelli started making movies in the early 70's, all adult features and most with fairly straightforward names that introduced a higher level of quality. Spinelli is an adult filmmaker and not just a cash grabber. He died in 2000, but with movies like Suckula in his repertoire, he will not soon be forgotten. 

Synopsis from Vinegar Syndrome: A beautiful hairdresser is lured into the world is prostitution, only to meet a tragic end.

Cry For Cindy is the Debbie Downer of adult films. Sure it's got the hallmark of Larry Flynt on it, but damn does this movie take a downturn. How many movies of the adult variety have a suicide mid-way through the picture? I suppose that's why it was released with a softcore version as well, to appeal to a more main stream audience. This whole thing takes itself very seriously.

When our lead finally does kick the bucket there's some crazy suicide spinny camera that is totally far out (and not typical of the adult films I've seen at all). As sad as it may be (I suppose one can get sad at this, you have a tissue box next to you) it's also a total raunch fest and littered with some classic lingerie. Also note that this one features the famous quad, split screen with four images highlighted in the opening credits.

Remember kiddies... LARRY FLYNT THANKS YOU!

The hardcore version is 86 minutes. The softcore is 67mins. It's fun to see what they cut and how.


Synopsis from Vinegar Syndrome: A group of your couples and singles arrive at an experimental ‘encounter group’ to try and solve their sexual hangups.

Through the whole opening of this movie I just wanted to scream, "LEAVE THAT GODDAMN NIPPLE ALONE!".  The narration used in this film makes it feel like a strange, perverse propaganda film for sexual experimentation. I realize this is just post-1969 but it's like a demonstration of how to get your group sex on.

This movie is filled with strange groping, some heavy petting and some banana eating. The actors are very hairy (and you know that I love em hairy). Almost too hairy! Yes there's some hardcore, but this movie seems like it wasn't sure if it should be an instructional video or a play on an instructional video (as if it forgot that we were expecting... I don't know... fucking?). 

There's a scene that focuses on a variety of sexual acts by various couples in the group that is perfectly priceless almost as if it's an instructional video. It is very uncomfortable.


Synopsis from Vinegar Syndrome: In this notorious film, a Medevil nun explores her sexual fantasies as she prepares herself for her life of religious servitude.

It's fun to watch a movie and the whole time want to sing a Type O Negative song. I suppose that's all nunsploitation. They always make me want to sing Christian Woman. First off this thing opens with a tremendous disclaimer:

"Our efforts here have not been to condemn or castigate, but only to portray the very human side of those in conflict regarding their commitment to a life of reverence". 

In short... some priests are gonna fuck. Some nuns are gonna fuck. We dig it. We don't care about your dogma enough to criticize it. This flick is filled with historical discussion with classic, period artwork. 

This release is nice and grainy. In content it resembles some standard nunsploitation story lines with lesbian nuns giving way to hetero love. This is a good beginner's movie for this particular subgenre of exploitation film. You can work your way up to Ken Russsell. What to expect: priests masturbating during confession. Nun and Priest fucking while Rosary beads. A threesome turned foursome with a priest. Sex on an altar and of course, the obligatory Jesus blow job sequence as he walks on the water. SALVATION!

This is a funny picture, guaranteed to give you a good time though not the roughest picture I've seen. 

+ 2 Disc DVD Set | Region Free | 16:9 Anamorphic + 4:3 | MONO
+ Scanned in 2k from 35mm and 16mm elements
+ Includes feature length softcore version of CRY FOR CINDY

You can order your copy of this Peekarama edition now from Vinegar Syndrome:

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