Thursday, September 18, 2014

Monkey Shines and The Dark Half Hitting Scream Factory Blu This November

 Two new releases from Scream Factory are coming this November both from a true master of modern horror, George Romero. The Dark Half  and Monkey Shines are hitting Blu-ray each with a nice extra package, classic cover art and more than likely looking great (because that's what Scream Factory does). While I enjoyed The Dark Half it has been more than a few years since I've seen it. Monkey Shines on the other hand was screened at this past year's Exhumed 24 Hour Horrorthon in Philly. While it was not my first viewing of Monkey Shines, the screening greatly helped me to appreciate this film for both it's horrific elements and unintentionally comedic moments (or perhaps more intentional than Romero might admit).

You have some time on these as they will release November 18th, after Halloween so you can enjoy them with your turkey the week after.

Full release from Scream Factory:

The Dark Half and Monkey Shines
Two George A. Romero Classics Make Their Blu-ray
Debuts November 18th, 2014 from Shout! Factory
This fall, Scream Factory will releaseThe Dark Half and Monkey Shines, two horror favorites from acclaimed director George A. Romero. Making their Blu-ray debuts on November 18th, 2014, each release also boasts brand new bonus features including all new audio commentaries with George A. Romero, new retrospective featurettes with cast and crew, behind the scenes footage, deleted scenes and much more! In addition, fans who order their copies from will have their order shipped three weeks early!
Monkey Shines
Allan Mann (Jason Beghe) is a bitter, angry and vengeful man ever since an accident left him paralyzed from the neck down. He's fed up with himself and everyone around him. All that changes when he's given Ella, a monkey trained to meet his every need. But when Ella begins anticipating Allan's thoughts, strange and deadly things start happening. And as she stalks and wreaks havoc on Allan's fair-weather girlfriend (Janine Turner), incompetent doctor and meddling mother, Allan realizes he must stop the cunning maniacal creature...before she fully takes over his mind!
Monkey Shines stars Jason Beghe (Chicago Hope), Janine Turner (Northern Exposure), Stanley Tucci (The Devil Wears Prada), Kate McNeil (The House on Sorority Row).
Fans can pre-order their copy now by
Monkey Shines Bonus Features
· NewAudio Commentary with Writer/Director George A. Romero
· NewAn Experiment In Fear – The Making of “Monkey Shines” – An all-new retrospective with Writer/Director George A. Romero, actors Jason Beghe, John Pankow and Kate McNeil, Executive Producer Peter Grunwald, Special Make-Up Effects Creator Tom Savini, Special Make-Up Effects Assistants Greg Nicotero and Everett Burrell and Editor Pasquale Buba (49 minutes)
· Alternate Ending
· Deleted Scenes
· Behind-the-Scenes Footage
· Vintage “Making of MONKEY SHINES” plus additional interview clips
· Theatrical Trailers
· TV Spot
· Still Gallery
The Dark Half
Based on the best-selling book by Stephen King,The Dark Half tells the story of horror writer Thad Beaumont (Timothy Hutton), who hopes to distance himself from his murder novels and from George Stark, the name he has used to anonymously author them. To achieve this, he cooks up a murder of his own: a publicity stunt that should lay Stark to rest forever. But when the people around him are found gruesomely slain - and his own fingerprints dot the crime scenes - Beaumont is dumbfounded until he learns that Stark has taken on life of his own...and begun a gruesome quest for vengeance!
The Dark Half stars Timothy Hutton (Leverage, Ordinary People), Amy Madigan (Field of Dreams),Michael Rooker (The Walking Dead) and Julie Harris (The Haunting).
Fans can pre-order their copy now
The Dark Half Bonus Features
· New Audio Commentary with Writer/Director George A. Romero
· NewThe Sparrows Are Flying Again!: The Making of “The Dark Half” – An all-new retrospective with Writer/Director George A. Romero, Producer Declan Baldwin, Actors Michael Rooker, Robert Joy, Rutanya Alda and John Amplas, Composer Christopher Young, Special Make-Up Effects Creators John Vulich and Everett Burrell, Visual Effects Supervisor Kevin Kutchaver, Second Unit Director Tom Dubensky and Editor Pasquale Buba (36 Minutes)
· Deleted Scenes
· Animated Storyboards for the original ending
· Behind-the-Scenes Footage –Special Effects and On the Set
· Vintage “Making of THE DARK HALF” plus additional interview clips
· Theatrical Trailer
· TV Spot
· Still Gallery
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  1. Awesome, I love both of these none zombie romero films,so underrated! Especially Monkey Shines. The Dark Half has it's flaws, but its still very watchable.