Thursday, September 25, 2014

Mutantis Available on DVD NOW!

Mutantis has me excited. Sleazy monster movie is an overlooked subgenre these days especially when said sleazy monster is interested in spreading his monster seed! This one is out on DVD now (see links below to find out how to order), and we will be reviewing shortly. This one combines some of my favorite horror tropes: children as bait, hillbillies, monsters, sexually active monsters.

Worst case scenario: It's a shitty monster movie with bad effects and a great poster that makes you laugh (and pray it isn't boring)

Best case scenario: It gets you laid. Monsters are sexy.

Full release notes from Direwit Films:

Mutantis is a parody/homage of the more sleazy monster films of the '70s. It is directed by Kelly Fitzgerald (Assistant Director on Isle of the Damned) and written by  Mark Leake (7th Day, Isle of the Damned).

When an unscrupulous scientist drags his stepchildren out into the forest to use them as bait -- in the hopes of luring out a big foot -- not even the team of hillbillies he hired can contain the horror they find: the horror of Mutantis! Only the adventurer Dr. William Fury may be able to stop the beast, but hope dwindles fast once Dr. Fury realizes that the monster is not only intent on murder but procreation as well. Could this be the end of the world as we know it?

It is now available on DVD at Amazon, and digital copies are available for purchase or rental at our website,

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