Saturday, September 6, 2014

Prisoner of Paradise (Vinegar Syndrome DVD) - Nazisploitation Porn

Prisoner of Paradise. Let's just get this out of the way so we can be absolutely fucking clear on what this is your about to watch (and you should watch it to believe it). This is a Nazisploitation flick starring John Holmes and Seka from 1980. That's like combining the big bad porn industry with the big bad, no-no cult exploitation genre that everyone has trouble talking about. You have to walk a fine line when discussing Nazisploitation because people really fucking hated the Nazis and dressing up fantastically sexy ladies in SS uniforms seems to piss of at least a few people. These movies don't typically make great water cooler discussions (unless your water cooler is filled with Jagermesiter). So on one side of the coin you have a genre that is moderately taboo, and on the other side you have porn. Porn is definitely respectable now, and we are grateful for the sensibilities of most of you have "come along way" to let it be a prominent and enjoyable stable in our home video libraries. In 1980, while the industry had evolved and developed quite a loyal following and even generated some acclaimed movies, it's hard to believe that Prisoner of Paradise would come along and try to slap two distinct movie genres together to what? To play at legitimacy? To try something different? It is unique. It is also a movie that is more theatrical than pure smut, and more cautiously emotionally available then say an Ilsa picture of Lovecamp story. Vinegar Syndrome has dug up a classic here.

Synopsis from Vinegar Syndrome:

In Bob Chinn’s big budget mix of X rated war epic and Nazisploitation, John Holmes stars as an American G.I. who gets marooned on a tropical island after his ship is bombed. There he discovers a small Nazi outpost which has kidnapped a beautiful American nurse. Determined to save her, he slowly begins to infiltrate the Nazi compound.
This one starts of slow. You could easily throw Tom Hanks in the first reel of this picture, and you might imagine you're watching Castaway. You're not. Give it a few more minutes before it starts to feel like a modded Saving Private Ryan. This picture tries to be serious; more so than an adult sex picture providing modest character development and relationship building. That in and of itself astounds as most pictures of this type, adult films with a plot, tend to follow a more comedic path especially with Nazis involved. The opening of the movie doesn't even feature any woman. Just John Holmes alone. It's almost sad.

Once Holmes explores the island and discover Nazis and is capture trying to help some detainees the fucking begins, the movie switches gears from a serious picture to one that at least feels like an adult movie. Everything from spankings to bad German accents ensure to Holmes is forced to take the hero role. You know there's something about a picture that features a POW  being eaten out by a Nazi femme and both of them completely enjoy and indulge in it. I wonder how something like that psychologically makes sense.

Spoiler alert: John Holmes has sexy with an Asian woman and then the whole fucking camp burns to the ground. Tasteful Dateline ending with a written close.

For as much as I laugh at the concept of Prisoner of Paradise I can't help but enjoy that it was an attempt to make a serious picture. It fails in that regard, but creates a wonderful opportunity to laugh as the movie progresses. Besides, everyone likes John Holmes cock.

Features Include:

+ Dual-Layer DVD-9 | Region Free | 16:9 Anamorphic | MONO
+ Scanned in 2k from 35mm Negatives
+ Original theatrical trailer
+ Caribbean Films Promo Trailers

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