Sunday, September 14, 2014

SHOP MORBID: Freddy Syringe Glove Product Spotlight

We're beginning a new series today that came about as a friendly partnership with Shop Morbid. Shop Morbid is a Halloween and Haunt product creator and distributor that licenses some damn cool stuff, perfect for horror fans. I say perfect for horror fans because they have licensed some of your favorite franchises and then given them a creative twist providing novelties that really stand out. In this new series we will be taking a look at a product each day leading up to Halloween. We will link up to their website so you can purchase it.

We appreciate any feedback and questions you may have and will help get them answered. You can access Shop Morbid HERE to start checking out their product line and get familiar with the items we will be featuring. 

Today's item is one that intrigues me. It comes courtesy of the Nightmare on Elm Street brand, and features a somewhat unusual product. In Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors, Freddy Kruger pumps Taryn (played by Jennifer Rubin) up with a deadly serum, killing her in a bad ass, knife fight dream sequence. Taryn's history with drug abuse leads Freddy to chose the perfect weapon, finger tips that have turned into a syringes filled with this glowing, beautiful death serum. This has been a favorite sequence of mine for some time along with most of the other creative kills in Nightmare 3. It features some powerful one liners and is actually sort of heartbreaking given Taryn's sex appeal and general good nature.

The product we feature today is based on that concept, Freddy's glove with light up blue syringe tipped fingers aka FREDDY SYRINGE GLOVE. I love the adaptation of the syringe-finger tip concept that gave this idea shape. Simply strapping on a burned Freddy hands is one way to do it but to base it around the glove design really packs a punch and make it a wearable Halloween night option. 

From Shop Morbid:

Now, you can haunt your friend's and family's dreams! The Freddy Syringe Glove is a must-have costume component for your "A Nightmare on Elm Street" theme this Halloween. This licensed item is a replica of Freddy Krueger's syringe glove, with articulated fingers and light-up blue syringes. Pair this item with our Animated Chest of Souls shirt and no one will be falling asleep this Halloween! One size fits most.

You can pick up FREDDY SYRINGE GLOVE now from Shop Morbid among other Nightmare on Elm Street licensed products to both wear and decorate your own personal haunt. 

Check out the scene from Nightmare on Elm Street 3 featuring the inspiration for this product:


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