Wednesday, September 17, 2014

SHOP MORBID: Light-Up Horror Bows!

There is a phenomenon that is simply known as light-up bow. This is a Halloween decoration that features the terrifying visage of a branded horror icon, lovingly placed on a bow and made to have its eyes glow to inifinity (I mean or as far as LED lights can go.

In our new series  that came about as a friendly partnership with Shop Morbid we are featuring several items, new for 2014 that feature some of your favorite spookies with LED eyes on bows and built to decorate. Shop Morbid is a Halloween and Haunt product creator and distributor that licenses some damn cool stuff, perfect for horror fans. I say perfect for horror fans because they have licensed some of your favorite franchises and then given them a creative twist providing novelties that really stand out. In this new series we will be taking a look at a product each day leading up to Halloween. We will link up to their website so you can purchase it.

We appreciate any feedback and questions you may have and will help get them answered. You can access Shop Morbid HERE to start checking out their product line and get familiar with the items we will be featuring.

This item is new for 2014! The Exorcist Light-Up Bow is a huge decorative bow and a great way to add a spooky twist to your Halloween decorations this year! The bow is made of fabric and is designed to match the floral print from Regan MacNeil's gross nightgown! The center of the bow features Regan's possessed and puke-covered head. Perfect for your front door or walls, it measures 20" x 28" and comes with glowing green LED eyes. These are great on their own, but be sure to check out our other licensed items from "The Exorcist" for a perfectly terrifying themed house!

Pennywise Light-Up Bow

This item is new for 2014! If you love Stephen King or the classic horror film, "It: The Movie," then the Pennywise Light-Up Bow is the perfect decor item for your front door or walls this Halloween! The bow is made of green and purple striped fabric and yellow "blood"-spattered fabic, featuring Pennywise the Dancing Clown's creepy and smiling face. The bow measures 27" X 20". Pennywise's eyes light up and are powered by a watch battery. And remember, "They ALL float down here!"

Jason Light-Up Bow
 The Jason Light-Up Bow is a brand new item for 2014! This item is licensed from the cult classic "Friday the 13th" horror film and features Jason Voorhees face covered by a hockey mask, complete with light-up eyes powered by a watch battery. The bow is made of blue "blood"-spattered fabric and is pefect for your door, walls, or Jason collection.

Freddy Light-Up Bow

The Freddy Light-Up Bow is a new item for 2014! This bow is made of green and red striped fabric-- just like Freddy Krueger's shirt in "A Nightmare on Elm Street"-- and has a replica of Freddy's terrifying face and hat with light up eyes! The eyes are powered by a watch battery. The bow measures 27" X 20". Pair this item with our Jason Light-Up Bow for the complete "Friday the 13th" versus "A Nightmare on Elm Street" haunted look. This bow is a great decor item for doors/walls or add it to your "A Nightmare on Elm Street" fan collection!



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