Thursday, September 25, 2014

Shop Morbid Product Spotlight on IT

I want to focus on three Shop Morbid products today. One is new for 2014 and the other is an older, but absolutely fun item that should definitely scare the candy out of your trick or treaters. Pennywise the Clown has absolutely terrified generations of horror fans (that's right, the movie is over 20 years old now!). The combination of the genius horror stylings of Tim Curry mixed with the ever terrifying clown imagery haunts adults nearly as much as it plagues children. Hell, I'm not scared of clowns and Pennywise freaks me out. Maybe it's his dual role as debonair, well spoken clown ready to entertain and evil fanged killer with big ol' claws. The beautiful thing about a company like Shop Morbid is that they are actually licensing these items giving them ability to use the iconic bad guys from the horror movies you love. You don't have to worry about cheap imitation "NickleWise the Clown".

Here are some Pennywise/IT related items to Stephen King your Halloween!

Pennywise Gloves
Pennywise Gloves are a must-have addition to your Pennywise collection or wear them for your creeptacular clown costume this Halloween! One size fits most.

Pennywise Inflatable

The Pennywise Inflatable is a new item for 2014! This item is licensed from "It: The Movie," a hit horror mini-series made from Stephen King's novel, "It." This prop is a 7' static inflatable of Pennywise the Dancing Clown and is a must-have addition for your spooktacular lawn or yard!

It Light-Up Portrait  (NEW FOR 2014)

Whether you love the psychological horror miniseries and novel or are simply preparing for a creepy carnival setting, the It Light-Up Portrait is essential to your collection! This is a licensed item from the hit miniseries and novel by Stephen King: "It". The portrait features a spooky image of Pennywise the Dancing Clown on a 15" X 20" stretched canvas with LED lights.

I thinkt the inflatable Pennywise has more applications than simply a front yard Halloween decoration. This is the kind of thing you put in a closet so it can pop out at your unsuspecting family member. Placement is key. Perhaps in the backyard... by the pool. Somewhere with a drain or anywhere with a sewer in close proximity. Hell, you can buy balloons and throw them around your hard, hand balloons out to trick or treaters (DO NOT FILL THEM WITH BLOOD OR THEIR PARENTS WILL GET SILVER EARINGS TO KILL YOU). Hell, maybe even hand out fortune cookies dressed like Pennywise complete with gloves.

You can find these items as well as other licensed horror goodies featuring your favorite horror icons at Shop Morbid. Take a look at their website, updated for 2014!
Make sure to enter their $500 Halloween Shopping spree!

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