Friday, September 5, 2014

Stunt Squad (Raro Video Blu-ray) - Top Speed Italian Crime Story

Stunt Squad is not a move that I have watched to infinity. This was my first time checking it out, and for as boastful as the move appears to be regarding its stunt related qualities, it truly is a police drama with some car chases and crashes. Not that I disliked Stunt Squad. Far from it. I enjoyed the picture just fine as a work detective story and lite action picture, but as a movie that is supposed to, at least in namesake, accentuate crime, I was not appeased. The cover is misleading at least in the sense that it is solely an action picture; it portrays a much more vibrant movie with effects. You really don't get much in the way of action until about half way through the picture leaving you on the edge of the seat if your an adrenaline addict.

Still the performances are classic and the music by the ever wonderful Stelvio Cipriani is a always wonderful to enjoy balancing out the grit of the film. When the action kicks in you get what you would expect from the cover image. If this one picks up the pace just ten minutes sooner rather than embellishing the crime drama, you might have a movie that feels like it should be called Stunt Squad. (and all I can do is think about Stunt Rock instead).

The Raro release looks good for the most part though I might add that it did appear to be somewhat hazy at times. I realize this is a common problem with some Italian releases due to transfer location, but I cannot truly say if that is the problem here or whether it is the source material. Still, it is otherwise nicely restored with plenty of film grain and looking serene. This is not a grindy, grimy print. Raro Video restores and creates a "perfect" feel rather than say a Vinegar Syndrome worn look. It does boast a new HD transfer.

The disc comes with a booklet that will helps to support some of the back story behind the making of Stunt Squad. Mike Malloy, the author of the booklet, also provides an introduction to the movie. The cover art is fantastic, one sided and fitted with the typical Raro Video trappings save for one, no slip sleeve. As many know, Raro Video's slips were very difficult to get off (to the point of making it a fun game to get inside the disc you wish to enjoy).

Stunt Squad comes very late in the career of director Deomnico Paolella who had made many a Hercules picture and action/adventure drama prior to trying to create a more sophisticated stunt pic in this movie.

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Synopsis from Raro Video: Fast paced Italian crime movie with the various action scenes revolving around bank robberies, street violence, car chases, cops verses the underworld at its greatest. If you have ever been interested in seeing what the Euro-crime genre is all about, watch this one!

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