Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Toxic Avenger (Troma Blu-ray) - Tromaville, NJ Represent!

This will be a shocker for you. I do not own the DVD of the Toxic Avenger or at least I didn't before Troma put out this set that featured both the Blu-ray and the DVD. Sure I've watched this movie on cable or On-Demand and rented it through Netflix, but I never picked it up. It seemed whenever I wanted to enjoy this beautiful piece of splatter cinema that it was ready for me to view in some fashion. The first thing I recommend you do, if you are a Blu-ray player owner, is to put in the DVD. That's right. Not the Blu-ray. Put in the "old fashion" DVD and watch a few minutes. Hell watch the whole damn thing because you're going to watch it again and again and again. Troma fans are like that; they're good like that. When you're done have a flirt or a tryst or a sperm donation with the DVD, make sure to drop in the disc on the left, the Blu-ray. See anything you like? See how it just jumps right fuck out at you and says, "THIS IS WHY YOU BUY BLU-RAYS?". I love duel disc sets with Blu-ray and DVD because you can do the direct compare on the spot even if you don't own the original release. Troma just put out The Toxic Avenger to celebrate its 30th Anniversary in beautiful green, Blu-ray packaging.

If you haven't seen the Toxic Avenger before then you should. Buy it now. No regrets (unless your an art cunt asshole or have "good taste"). Sure you're allowed to dislike a movie, even this one, but I beg you to give it a chance and to better understand with each viewing why you continue to support Troma as an amazing independent film company. These guys put anything and everything into their movies. Anything they want. They love tits. They love gore. They love things that go SPLAT. Troma is the reason you frown upon PG-13 movies that could have been R movies because let's face it, they really all could be NC-17 rated if we didn't let the ratings board control our theater viewing experience... of course they could go unrated and provided simple check list of content just to make sure the kiddies don't get their eyeful of bosom too young.

This is the 30th anniversary release. It contains a new HD transfer from the original film materials, new intro with Lloyd Kaufman (our indie filmmaking hero), new commentary by stars Robert Prichard, Gary Schneider and Dan Snow, new interview with star, Jennifer Babtist and new video with Mark Trogl (the original Melvin). The disc also contains an interview with Micahel Herz (which is as rare as the cover box states), behind teh scenes and in production slide show, commentary by Lloyd Kaufman, original trailers and a 40 Years of Troma Montage. That's a whole lotta extra material, most of it new and interesting enough. I don't think Troma fans needed extras though. The new disc is good enough though I think Shawn Savage raises a good question: Does this include all the footage from the Japanese release from a few years back? I don't own it to know, and I'm sure some film collector geek knows or will want to know (we love you, geeks). The reverse of the the traditional cover has a beautiful view of the New York City skyline.

You will laugh. You most likely wont' cry. You may squish your face down and go "ewwww". You may cum (no really.. either out of happiness for the excellent appearance of this new HD disc or from the numerous sexies in the movie). This is a great way to get into Troma without traumatizing yourself and holds up to countless viewing, the test of time and critical scrutiny. We should consider The Toxic Avenger one of Jersey's finest, embrace Tromaville in whatever form it should take and support the company that makes it (from just across the pond ie New York City).

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