Friday, September 5, 2014

Werewolf Rising (Image/RLJ) Review - When Practical Effects Go Bad

You know what the problem is with practical effects? Sometimes you actually get them! We complain that the computer generated, video game esque werewolves are ruining the lupine genre, but quite honestly a bad special effects trip without a lick of intended comedy can do it just as quickly. Case in point, we have Werewolf Rising.

Werewolf Rising suffers from shakey cam that kills, but not necessarily that found footage level shake. It's just bad filmmaking which upsets me greatly because the general premise, as plain Jane as it is, would work in the absence of its technical and effect related flaws. The wolf looks like something off the Midian VHS cover from the 80's which is not an intentional homage. It's simply an unbelievable, bad looking man wolf. It upset me more than The Howling Reborn which operated using CG effects, ruining a movie that might of at least been intense (though redundant and playing to a much younger audience than this future mid-lifer).

You know toward the end you get one nice nudie kill which might be worth fas forwarding too, but that's just it... it's barely a feature movie in length and drops you off at the toilet bowl to be flushed before any intensity can be established.

Oh and the music feels like it was stolen from John Harrison from Creepshow and the damn thing is just too dark.  Sorry wolf fans... catch the next one.

Werewolf Rising is available on DVD now.

Synopsis from Image:

When Emma returns to her childhood home deep in the Arkansas mountains, she’s in need of rest and relaxation, but her problems have only just begun. What she finds is slaughter, fear and the foul pestilence that comes with a full moon.

A bloodthirsty werewolf is tearing through the township, ripping and ravaging all who cross its path; revealing a menacing underworld that few knew existed. Suddenly Emma finds herself plunged into a fight for her life and more – a fight to the finish for her soul.

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