Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Double Feature Review: I Know What You Did Last Summer and Krull

Tonight we have two Mill Creek titles for your amusement. Both movies look just fine with no real issue with the transfers to speak of. We're talk about Mill Creek here so we have to keep that in perspective. These guys put out an inexpensive product, no frills, generally no extras and traditional packaging. The movies are fine and we're not exactly talking about long lost movies in need of serious preservation. Tonight's features are Krull and I Know What You Did Last Summer. Two completely different movies.


I had the Krull comic book when I was a kid and somehow missed the movie. I suppose I wasn't into the strange Science Fiction fantasy involving strange creatures and weapons. That wouldn't come until I got into Star Trek in 7th grade. Krull feels a bit dated but pretty. I suppose the same can be said for quite a few of the sort of Star Wars/Trek kind of otherworldly hero stories. They're campy. Krull is campy. It's not sexy. It's not nearly as funny as I would have liked though there are some moments of unintentional humor, but this flick has a serious cult backing.

Creatures. Mythical rescue missions (in a world light-years beyond your imagination no less). Strange creatures. You're kids are going to love it and fans of the Sci-Fi otherworldly fantasy will dig it. Me, I still think the cover art is beautiful. I wish the movie could be half has amazing. No extras, but this thing looks great in HD. I think missing this one as a kid removed the nostalgia factor that makes this one a GREAT movie as opposed to a simply enjoyable 80's romp.

SYNOPSIS From Mill Creek:

A World Light-Years Beyond Your Imagination!

Journey into a mystical time and place that belongs to neither the past nor the present, where extraordinary creatures of myth work their incredible magic, and where a horrific, omnipotent Beast is the ruler. This is the planet of Krull!

Prince Colwyn sets out on a daring mission to rescue his young bride who is held captive by the Beast. But slayers and alien beings under the command of the Beast oppose him at every turn. Colwyn must first reach a faraway cavern to recover the legendary Glaive, a flying blade capable of phenomenal powers.

Starring Ken Marshall, Lysette Anthony, Freddie Jones, Francesca Annis and Liam Neeson in one of his earliest screen roles!


For my first experience with I Know What You Did Last Summer I had to keep reminding myself that this is a movie from 1997. This wasn't made AFTER all the other new wave slasher flicks that feature the same goddamn cover art, same characters, same kills, slight variations on killers. This movie and Scream and Urban Legend... they're actually just fine in my book though I don't think this one in particular will get more than a couple rewatches by me. These are the original movies that rekindled an interest in horror on the edge of a bleak, action packed period in Hollywood. That's not to say that horror movies were not being made, but it really wasn't a big studio thing. So we have to give to I Know for helping to resurrect the interest of key demographics in our beloved genre. 

It's a basic kill by number flick with a little mystery that truly doesn't matter. The kills are enjoyable and were original at the time though they may feel dated and used up now. Great performances by the cast but when I say that you must remember that they were not hired to win Oscars. They were hired to die well and display certain likable or not so likable characteristics to make you want them dead or not. I love me some Sarah Michelle Gellar. Also, is it possible NOT to stare at Jennifer Love Hewitt's tits? I mean... I couldn't stop. I don't even particular like her, but I couldn't keep my eyes of the screen. 

From the opening of the movie where we get a healthy dose of Type O Negative over the credits to the end with classic sequel inspiring ending (and there are definitely sequels to check out) the whole thing looks good. Sounds good and once I got over my preoccupation with damning the flick for being everything I haven't been enjoying recently in horror, I enjoyed myself. Now I have to check out the sequels... I imagine that will take patience and discipline. 

SYNOPSIS from Mill Creek:

Jennifer Love Hewitt and Sarah Michelle Gellar star with Ryan Phillippe, Freddie Prinze, Jr. and Johnny Galecki in this terrifying tale of a body that just won't stay dead. After an accident on a winding road, four teens make the fatal mistake of dumping their victim's body into the sea. Exactly one year later, the dead man returns from his watery grave and he wants more than an apology.

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  1. The first I Know What You Did was ok and watchable. The second one bored me to no end. I won't even touch the third one. Save yourself the torture and stop with the first one.