Monday, October 20, 2014

EXISTS (Reivew) - Angry Big Foot Rampages Through Forest. Found Footage at 11.

Big Foot is really big this year. There are more than a couple new releases hitting the market that deal with the subject of Sasquatch, and even Vinegar Syndrome put out a Drive-In double feature of including Cry Wilderness and an old documentary about the big guy. Exists is my favorite so far. Directed by t\The Blair Witch Project and Lovely Molly's Eduardo Sanchez, it is a found footage movie with multiple camera perspectives that focuses on a leisurely trip into the woods that goes from Harry and the Hendersons to something completely terrifying in it's short 80 minute run time. Before everyone starts to hate on The Blair Witch Project (because apparently that's fashionable lately since everyone remembered that Cannibal Holocaust was a found footage movie), this is much more straightforward that Blair Witch and more aggressive than Lovely Molly. I enjoyed both of those pictures for Sanchez and this is no different.

What works for it... you actually see Big Foot. He is perfect and scary and has a purpose. He fucking rocks. Not enough movies show you what we've all wanted to see for so long in Big Foot. This movie isn't big on story. It's big on action and physical scares. Appropriate jump scares and moments that feel like the stretch out across eternity as you wait to see what monstrosity lurks in the woods and how it will react to you. Sure it's not always believable, but despite the feeling of reality Sanchez hopes to achieve, this one plays out more like a well done monster movie.

What I fucking hated... aside from a few moments at the intro of the movie, you spend 25 minutes waiting for something to happen. The movie takes on a completely run of the mill tone which turned me off, until I realiaed this was done on purpose. I hate this because I worry that people will turn off the movie before it gets juiced up. The camera angles, speed, shake and perspective do not always work to the movie's advantage. It's that kind of thing that has me wondering if it was absolutely essential to have this be a found footage pic.

Get over the fact that it's found footage and that you suddenly hate The Blair Witch project, and check this one out. This is the best Sasquatch film of the year (even best implied Sasquatch movie). I stand by it, can't wait to own it and glad you'll get to check it out On Demand on my birthday, October 24th just before Halloween. Have fun with it, but do not expect this to be all cudley and happy. No one's rooting for BF. Believe!

Synopsis from Liongate:

For five friends, it was a chance for a summer getaway— a weekend of camping in the Texas Big Thicket. But visions of a carefree vacation are shattered with an accident on a dark and desolate country road. In the wake of the accident, a bloodcurdling force of nature is unleashed—something not exactly human, but not completely animal— an urban legend come to terrifying life…and seeking murderous revenge. EXISTS is directed by Eduardo Sanchez (THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT, LOVELY MOLLY).

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